Indicators of real estate of Kiev for the last week of 21/11/2011

21.11.2011 15:03
Real Estate Market Analysis | Indicators of real estate of Kiev for the last week of 21/11/2011 Over the past week: - Index of the cost of housing in Kiev IKw (USD) fell by 0.3%. - The index of the cost of housing in Kiev IKw (UAH) decreased by 0.3%. The index of price expectations (estimated change in the index value over the next week) -0.3%. Profitability index of housing (compared to bank deposit) is not changed.

Level of business activity, if measured by the number of signed contracts instincts, continues to decline. The number of transactions, by contrast, has increased. But this is only a consequence of the relatively high level of business activity in October: the basic agreement was reached just then, at the same were signed by the relevant treaties and inclinations.

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As regards the applications for purchase of apartments, their number is now considerably more than usual and the last two months, little changed from week to week. Another thing is that half of these applications can only be called formally requests. Specified in these requirements for the location and parameters consistent with those little flat money, are willing to pay potential buyers. And despite the fact that in most applications it comes to buying a home economic class.

This suggests that many buyers in the first place, not even claim to your money on something better, and, secondly, counting on a collapse in prices and / or mortgage on the market of apartments for substantially discounted prices.

Meanwhile, prices are going down slowly. Most sellers keep prices and some even raise, the questions, why raise the price, usually refer to the coming crisis and the possible devaluation of currencies. By the arguments of Realtors, which in times of crisis real estate is getting cheaper, not everyone listened.

According to our calculations, is now selling prices of flats (subject to status) on average by 11.6% below the average prices of the proposals in their respective market segments.

Determine the average cost of apartments in Kiev will help you our section - the prices of apartments in Kiev

When searching for apartments can take advantage of several new services to enable people to track changes in prices of real estate interest. If the price has changed, now next to the new price old price of the object is translated. If the price has been changed several times, you can see the whole story changes.

Also added a service notice of price changes. With it, customers who are interested concrete objects, will be the first to receive messages in the event of price changes.

Recently, the following transactions occurred:

One bedroom apartment in the panel house ("old bar"), Obolonskyi Avenue (Obolonskyi district Obolon). The total area of ​​34 sq.m., living 18, kitchen 8.2. A bathroom combined. Glazed balcony. Window into the yard. Linoleum tile. Carpentry old. Plumbing is old. Status: "needs serious repair." $ 67,000 (1971 $ / sq ft).

One bedroom apartment in the panel house ("a typical panel"), North Street (Obolonskyi district Obolon). The total area of ​​36.7 sq.m., living 19.1 Kitchen 7.4. Separate bathroom. Window into the yard. Glazed balcony. Double-glazed windows. Laminate, tile. Carpentry, plumbing and radiators, new. Built-in kitchen. Built-in wardrobe, furniture, washing machine. Status: "is not in need of repair." $ 69,000 (1880 $ / sq ft).

One bedroom apartment in the panel house ("a typical panel"), street Bereznyakovskaya (Dnipro region, birch). The total area of ​​49.8 sq.m., living kitchen 30.1 7.8. Separate bathroom. Glazed balcony. View of the railroad. Linoleum tile. Carpentry old. Status: "need serious repair." $ 60,000 (1205 $ / sq ft).

Two-bedroom apartment in a brick house ("stalinka"), street Kirponos (Shevchenko district, Nivki). The total area of ​​65.7 sq.m., living 43.8, 6.6 kitchen. Two adjoining rooms, separate. Separate bathroom. Two balconies. Double-glazed windows. Parquet flooring. Carpentry old. Condition of the apartment, "requires a face-lift." $ 100,000 (1522 $ / sq ft).

Total area of ​​apartments above 186.2 sq.m.

The total cost above $ 296,000 flats 
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