In regions of Ukraine is growing pent-up demand for new buildings

31.07.2011 16:45
Real Estate Market Analysis | In regions of Ukraine is growing pent-up demand for new buildings In the market of primary residential properties in the regions of Ukraine since the beginning of 2011 prices have remained stable, with virtually all large cities the demand clearly exceeds supply, and average price per 1 sq. km. m is - $ 1 thousand

Prices on the real estate market over the past six months in 2011 remained stable, however, due to lack of supply, in Lviv accumulated demand for new housing. "Demand for new buildings is always there. However, at this time all the apartments in all newly constructed homes have already been sold, they dismantled immediately after the object on the market ", - said director of real estate 'Our Lions' Maria Marchuk.

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Prices for primary housing in Dnipropetrovsk in early 2011 did not change. "Prices are on the same level, but sorely lacking proposal. Demand for new buildings are traditionally much higher demand for home purchase in the secondary market. Even in remote zhilmasivah buyers want to purchase a primary housing "- said Tatiana Krivoshei, director of the Academy" Dnepr Real Estate "(Dnepropetrovsk). Also, the expert noted that even third year since the crisis began, is being built in Dnepropetrovsk not new housing. "This increases the deficit, but the developers do not dare to start construction in Dnepropetrovsk," - summarized T. Krivoshei.

Over the past six months rose slightly in the price of liquid primary housing in Donetsk, but at the same time, illiquid housing on the contrary - has fallen in price. As the founder of real estate agency said "Avenue" (Donetsk), Andriy Antonenko, in the city offer a little bit ahead of demand. "Construction of new homes being, apartments in new homes on the market there in sufficient quantity. The average price per square meter. m - $ 1-1.3 thousand "- shared the agency's owner.

The cost of housing in Odessa not changed over the past half of this year. "Demand for primary housing increased by about 20%. Supply is there in sufficient quantity, the developers are actively building a home in Odessa, "- commented on the situation in the market Larisa Kuznetsova, director of the Primorsky branch of estate agency" Premier "(Odessa).

Primary housing in Sebastopol during the period also did not change in price. Demand seen a steady, sufficient supply in the market. As described director real estate agency "Multidom" Natalia Massalsky, based in Sevastopol, a lot of housing. "Customers are coming to NA for a new building have already examined, evaluated the risks and then becoming interested in the secondary housing. Many people purchase housing in new buildings, are very popular at home put into operation ", - said N. Massalsky.
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