In Odessa, perked up homebuyers

17.01.2011 11:46
Real Estate Market Analysis | In Odessa, perked up homebuyers At the Odessa secondary housing market prices over the past year remained virtually unchanged.

The most expensive in the city remains Primorsky district, where for the square asking an average of $ 1,273, followed by Kiev ($ 1255), Malinowski ($ 1147) and Suvorov ($ 972). The most affordable offer - Gostinka for $ 22 thousand, the standard "unity" is worth at least $ 10 thousand more, "kopeck piece are estimated not less than $ 40 thousand," treshki "- from $ 50 thousand put in service the new buildings in residential areas are exposed $ 1 thousand for the quarter. m, writes Business Capital.

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According to the founder of Odessa's first real estate company Dmitry Grabin, 2010 turned out to local real estate market more successful than the year 2009, which was the cause of price stability. If the year before in the city was to average 300-330 transactions a month, over the past year - about 400-440.

In real estate databases constantly, there were about 10 thousand objects. Not without its pre-New Year cheer. In December, buyers have doubled their activity in comparison with previous months. "The greatest demand in Odessa used the apartment in the price range of $ 25-50 thousand $ 75-95 thousand, and new construction from $ 170 thousand

At the peak of popularity was one-and two bedroom apartments, because the difference between "kopeck piece" and "treshka" Today, the minimum and easier to borrow $ 5-15 thousand and buy a flat with a lot the meter "- says Mr. Grabin. He predicted that this year maybe a slight rise in price of housing - within 3-5%.

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