In October, the growth of proposals on Kyiv's secondary housing market reduced prices

01.11.2013 01:30
Real Estate Market Analysis | In October, the growth of proposals on Kyiv According to the Information-analytical portal «the Capital real estate», following the results of October 2013, compared with September, the average price of secondary housing in Kyiv decreased by 2% and amounted to 15922 UAH/sq. M. But, offering increased by 9.1%.
However, in October, compared with September, fell only apartment on the Right Bank of Kyiv - on 1% up to 15135 UAH/sq.m In the center of the capital increase in prices was 0.3% to 22469 UAH/sq.m, on the Left Bank was registered rise in prices at the level of 0.1% to 12308 UAH/sq.m.
In October fell apartments in seven districts of Kyiv, and rose in price in three.
The growth of the average cost of apartments in administrative districts of Kyiv in October: Goloseevskiy - 1.4% to 16659 UAH/sq.m; Darnitsa - by 1.5% to 12494 UAH/sqm; the Pechersk - by 0.1% to 23251 UAH. /sqm

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Decrease in the average cost of apartments in administrative districts of Kyiv in October: Desnianskyi - by 1.3% to 11155 UAH/sq.m; the Dnepr - by 1.3% to 12672 UAH/sq.m; Obolonskiy - 1.4% to 16589 UAH. /sqm; Podilskyi - on 2.6% up to 15754 UAH/sq.m; Svyatoshinsky - by 1.2% to 12862 UAH/sq.m; Solomenskiy - by 0.2% to 15029 UAH/sq.m; Shevchenko - by 1.1% to 19023 UAH/sq.m.
On January 2013 average prices for residential real estate located on the Left Bank of Kyiv - by 4.3%. On the Right Bank in the Heart of the average price of apartments decreased by 2.6% and 3.1% respectively.
The area of housing, in October fell all types of apartments: studios - by 1.1% to 14949 UAH/sq.m, bedroom - by 2.4% to 16420 UAH/sq.m, bedroom - by 2.1% to 15935 UAH/sqm, four - by 0.8% to 17066 UAH/sq.m.
Number of apartments for sale in October increased by 9.1% compared to September and amounted to 20385 units. The volume of the offer in the General area and in money terms increased by 3.5% and 1.5% respectively. For the year, relative to October 2012, the number of apartments increased by 9.6%.
In the analytical report of IAP «Capital real estate» States that «the share of apartments for the first time offered for sale in the reporting month amounted to 20.4% of the total volume of supply. Average price of new apartments in Kiev 7.8% lower than the average weighted price of September and is 14980 UAH/sq. m».
In the structure of supply of residential properties is dominated by apartments, located on the Right Bank of 41%. The apartments situated on the Left Bank of up to 35% of the total, in the Centre of Kyiv - on 24%. The increase in the number of apartments by 18.4% and 9.6% traced on the Left and on the Right Bank of Kiev respectively. In the Center of Kiev by the levels of supply fell by 2.4%.
Analysis of the proposal with the division by the number of rooms in Kiev shows that in the total volume of 1-bedroom apartments occupy a - 26%, 2-and 3-bedroom - by 33% and 4-bedroom - 8%. Relative to the previous month the number of one and two-room apartments increased by 17.7% and 15.2% respectively.
The highest number of apartments in October proposed in Kiev (17%), in Pechersk and the Shevchenko (14%) districts. In Goloseevsky and the Dnieper - on 11%, in Solomenskiy - 9%. The lowest proportion submitted to the sale of apartments in Kiev (7%), Obolon and Desnianskyi (6%) and Podolsk (5%) areas.
The highest supply increase was observed in the Desna and Dnieper regions (at the level of 31.3% and 27.5%). In the other regions, the change in the number of submitted to the sale of apartments was from-2.9% to 16.4%.
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