In Lviv, a shift in demand towards the primary

26.04.2011 00:05
Real Estate Market Analysis | In Lviv, a shift in demand towards the primary In Lviv, the peak of the fall in property prices came at the end of last year, when the secondary housing for several months lost in the price of 10-12%. Now, realtors ascertain some stabilization. Since January, sharply subsided cost-bedroom Khrushchev, who are now asking for $ 51-52 thousand instead of the then $ 65 thousand Gostinka Lviv cost about $ 23-25 ??thousand, one-room apartment - about $ 30 thousand, two - about $ 40 thousand, however, most options available Galicians do not favor their attention because of poor quality. Therefore, if a real buyer with money landlords lose their firmness, and can lose up to 20% of the declared price. Director of the Lviv Academy of Sciences "Golden Arch" Irina Yaremko said that late last year, this situation was impossible.

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The city is also a shift of demand towards the primary. Traditionally enjoyed popularity and apartments in Lviv at $ 1,5-2 thousand per square (the old buildings of Polish or Austrian ones) and in areas close to him for $ 1-1,2 thousand Irina Yaremko says that expensive options are in short supply, as such, very few, and willing to become their owners are always enough. But this is an exception, but in general, supply exceeds demand by about 10 times. In summer, Lviv accommodation will be cheaper: the projected fall in prices - up to 7%.
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