In Kiev suspended transactions in the secondary market

25.04.2014 00:00
Real Estate Market Analysis | In Kiev suspended transactions in the secondary market In Ukraine, there is a decrease in demand for secondary sale of real estate. About what the picture with the sale-purchase of real estate developed in Kiev, "columnist" the expert said. In particular , according to an expert on real estate company SV Development Sergei Kostetskii , while the dollar has not recovered , the people selling the secondary real estate , simply afraid to make such a deal.

" Banks do not really work , so many people are afraid now . Was a small splash in the primary market . But by the end of this month , I think, will transactions less than in March. And then, basically , now sold those apartments where the price was quoted in UAH, since it has not changed. where the builder is pegged to the dollar, the dollar value remained the same , but in UAH , as, for example , makes " Kievgorstroj " value is recalculated , "- said Kostecki .

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According to experts , the situation can be restored only after the second round of presidential and months after the after the second round will be held one or two months.

" I think that until the end of August . Generally, I would not advise to make such deals now because there is not only the instability of banks , but also fraud. Only in the case where a person is sure that the bank will return the money to him , then you can sell , "- said Kostecki .

Mortgage loans on real estate purchase and is not worth taking , as specified interest on them, according to the expert , who observed in Ukraine now , not even in underdeveloped countries .

At the same time , as stated by the "Observer" agency director " Svet neruhomostі " Dmitry Cart , if the secondary market sales actually stopped , then the primary market were sold almost all apartments .

"Those who sell second homes , given the situation with the dollar , is not willing to cut prices so suspended sales . A primary cell , where prices in UAH bought " - said Cart .

Basically buy those people who are either planning to purchase a long time , or those who , given the instability in the country , they took deposits .

"They also need to invest money here and buy ," - said the expert .
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