In Kharkov, poor housing do not take

18.01.2011 09:33
Real Estate Market Analysis | In Kharkov, poor housing do not take In Kharkov, the cost of housing in the secondary housing in the past year decreased by an average of 3%.

However, in parts of the Association of Realtors of Ukraine was recorded significant growth in these times. Thus, prices in the Frunze district increased from January to December by 13%, in Lenin - 11%, in Kominternovsky and Ordzhonikidze - 8%. The most expensive is Dzerzhinsky district of the regional center, where for the square ask for an average of $ 1019, and the cheapest - October and Krasnozavodsk ($ 669 and $ 758/kv. M, respectively).

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According to analysts of the Kharkov group of companies "Proconsul" Julia Kostyuk, "unity" in the city can be found for $ 19,5-20,5 thousand, "kopeck piece" - for $ 25 thousand, while the "three rubles" - for $ 25-30 thousand Haggling at the conclusion of the transaction does not exceed 3-5%. Better deals are priced at $ 26,5-38 thousand for the one-room dwelling, $ 35-46 thousand - for two and $ 46-57 thousand - a three-room, writes Business Capital.

For a square in commissioned new buildings are asked to not less than $ 570. "For $ 27 thousand in the area of the station you can buy a one-room 45-meter apartment in a ten-new house", - says Ms. Kostiuk. During the year, in Kharkov, consisted of 400 transactions in the secondary real estate in a month, but 80% of them are related to traveling families.

As the real estate brokers and their clients have become more demanding for quality housing. While last year buyers were interested, as a rule, the cheapest sites, but now hardly any demand, as are homes with a high degree of wear. Most often, the potential customers to choose the one-and two-bedroom apartment average price category.

"The period of exposure in the secondary residential property market is now in Kharkov, one to three months for the cheap facilities and up to five or six months for the types sold on average market prices. Elite offers may hang in the databases of more than a year "- is celebrated in SC Proconsul." In 2011, according to analysts, prices for used flats remain stable.
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