In Dnipropetrovsk, buy only high-quality housing

18.01.2011 09:35
Real Estate Market Analysis | In Dnipropetrovsk, buy only high-quality housing Reducing the cost of second homes in the past year was in Dnepropetrovsk about 4-5%.

The most expensive area of the city, as before, is October, where the average price of a square is $ 968. In the Kirov asking about $ 947, and in Samara - $ 713, says Business Capital.

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According to the company RealNest, cheapest Gostinka today proposed a $ 15 thousand, one-bedroom Khrushev - for $ 24-25 thousand, "kopeck piece" - for $ 28-30 thousand, two-bedroom apartment with hardwood floors in an old house - for $ 35 thousand . Decent "Gym shoes and relatively massive new series are set in January for $ 28-35 thousand for a one-bedroom, $ 35-45 thousand - for two and $ 40-60 thousand - a two bedroom. Prices for new homes start from $ 820-1,1 thousand per square.

Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov as to have lost interest in cheap, but killed apartments and whenever possible try to find a more worthy in terms of price and quality options. "Most of all purchases during the year accounted for one-and two-bedroom apartment average price range in which you can enter and live. Increased demand was Dnepropetrovsk "Gym shoes" with the kitchen in 10 squares and kopeck piece "of the same series of 54 square meters. m

This property has been occupied in the structure of sales for the year about 35%, 20-25% was for new buildings. Cheap low-quality housing has ceased to excessive demand, it accounted for 20% of all purchases for a year "- the head of the Department of Residential Real Estate Academy RealNest Victoria Kalyuzhnaya. During the year in the secondary market in Dnepropetrovsk is detected around 350 transactions per month.

The main clients were residents of the city, made its first home purchase, and only a third of purchases fell on the sidings. In the coming year, according to forecasts of Realtors, prices for resale properties in the regional center will display remains stable. A possible increase would not exceed 4-5%.

Business Capital

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