In Crimea, collapsed housing prices

23.02.2011 14:06
Real Estate Market Analysis | In Crimea, collapsed housing prices In Crimea, the last year sales of residential property fell by 2-3 times in all cities. Agencies have to lower prices, says Case.

In addition, over the past year significantly reduced the number of agencies on sale of housing. Analysts say that the reason served initially inflated prices.

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"Crimea is several times" outdid Kiev "revaluation of all types of real estate, especially residential. That pricing policy, which was formed during the last 5 years, did not give any explanation how. As real estate developers and speculators (even common vendors) significantly overestimate the price of real estate ", - says marketing expert" SV Development "Sergei Kostecki.

To date, there is a high activity and the real estate market Evpatoria. According to Director of the Academy of Sciences "Option" Tatiana Uskanenko, credit programs of banks in 2010 did not work. "Today the most popular" low cost "one-and two-bedroom apartments on the secondary market" - said the expert.

Do not rush to buy new building and in Alushta because they are far from the sea. In Feodosia, compared with the 2007-2008 years the demand for housing fell by about a factor of 2-3. According to Director of the Academy of Sciences "Province" (Feodosiya) Andrey Boldyrev, particularly popular among the customers at home and enjoy the sites. "For our region it is typical, since 50% of the housing stock Feodosia is the private sector. Has changed the geography of buyers. If before the east coast was attractive to the people of Russia, it is now more interest on the part of Ukrainians", - said the expert.

"If in Kiev and other regional centers of price correction occurred back in 2009 - mid 2010, then to the Crimea, this wave only gotten to, people, vendors have realized that there is no demand, prices are unrealistically high, so something must be done, ie . lower bid price. A proposal to 25-30 times greater than the effective demand "- continues Kostecki.

The crisis in the real estate market has not bypassed and the Yalta agency. Number of deals in 2010 decreased by 3-4 times. The general background of falling prices, price per square meter at Yalta was not significantly decreased. Today it is extremely rare to find a 2-room apartment for 50 thousand USD Seller is willing to lower the price just in case it is very urgent sale.

"The real estate market Crimea still began slowly to recover, but only in a segment of" economy "(up to 120 thousand USD), flat segment of the business and the elite (ie, large and expensive) are not in demand (8% of all transactions), so the sellers have significantly lower prices "- sums up Kostecki.
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