In Crimea, began to grow demand for residential real estate - experts

27.01.2011 18:56
Real Estate Market Analysis | In Crimea, began to grow demand for residential real estate - experts According to research firm Trade of REM Navigator, the end of 2010 was marked by falling real estate prices in the Crimea on 2-3%. But after the holidays housing became more expensive at $ 1-2 thousand, and the demand for housing increased.

"The market perked up, and buy one-bedroom and two bedroom apartments and three-interested. It is clear that the proposals still greater than demand, but too many among the proposals unrealistic, inflated prices for items that are not in demand ", - said director of real estate company NTN Dmitry Mayorov.

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Today, the average cost of 1-room apartments in Simferopol is $ 30 thousand, 2-room - $ 40-45 thousand, "treshki" sell from $ 46-50 thousand housing at adequate prices on the market do not stay long. "When sales motivated, then the sellers are willing to go to a good compromise. Sometimes when bidding on the price resets 2-5% ", - said the major. He also noted that increasingly, buyers of real estate in Simferopol are now actively migrating to work in the Crimean Ukrainians. "We have to actively go, because we have a cozy, comfortable and big money" - explain realtors.

In the primary market demand is mainly used 1-bedroom apartments in the range of $ 50-60 thousand average cost of 1 sq. km. meters in new buildings - 6000-7000 USD / sq.m. However, construction companies reluctant to discounts and promotions for which the price can decline up to 5000 USD / sq.m, write Comments.

It is worth noting that the housing market in Simferopol develops rather sluggishly: construction companies mostly being finished objects, "frozen" during the crisis.

Increased demand for real estate and the rise observed in Sevastopol. "Once again it is time the seller, not the buyer, who dictated during the crisis the game rules. That is, while those who need it as soon as possible to implement the apartment has passed. Now is the time waiting for seller "- told in the Sevastopol AN" Multidom. - Those who have not bought an apartment in the winter of 2009, in 2011, has already lost $ 10-15 thousand, "reported the publication of" Comments ".

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