In Canada, rising prices for new housing

13.12.2010 12:14
Real Estate Market Analysis | In Canada, rising prices for new housing In Canada, rising prices for new housing. In addition, the country has become more difficult to rent an apartment.

Prices of residential buildings in Canada in October rose a third month in a row. Relative to September, their growth was 0,1%. However, the rate of increase in this indicator slowed, according to CBC.

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The largest monthly increase in prices in October was observed in cities such as Saskatoon, Toronto, Oshawa and Vancouver. According to Statistics Canada, partly rising cost of new facilities due to falling unemployment and increasing labor costs.

Have been published and other data on the results of October in the housing market in Canada. According to the Housing and Mortgage Corporation, to rent an apartment is difficult in many cities across the country. This is due to the fact that the economic recovery leads to an increase in demand for rental housing, reports CBC.

The average cost of renting an apartment with two bedrooms was in October of 860 Canadian dollars. For comparison: in the same period in 2009 the figure was 836 Canadian dollars.

In addition to the economic recovery, experts have called another reason to increase demand for rental housing, namely: the inflow of immigrants to Canada.

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