In 2014, Khrushchev will be cheaper, and apartments in new buildings rise

23.01.2014 00:30
Real Estate Market Analysis | In 2014, Khrushchev will be cheaper, and apartments in new buildings rise The whole 2013 was a struggle between the market of new apartments and housing for "secondary housing." First take a price that at least 20 % lower. Second - the lack of construction risks .

Thus, if the cost of apartments in old houses virtually unchanged , the primary market showed a slight increase in prices.

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Experts note that invest in housing , then to resell it more expensive in 2014 is not necessary.

Experts predict that the next two or three years, the market situation will not change significantly , the number of transactions will remain at approximately the same level.

Investing in real estate if justify themselves , but only in the very long term .

Looks more attractive buy square meters for subsequent lease. Payment for it is growing every year by 5-10%.

" According to our calculations, if the purchase of housing people invested about 900 thousand UAH , and immediately began to take his investment will pay off over 10 years.

Only after this apartment will be profitable to his master , " says Andrew Gusel'nikov vice president of the League of Ukrainian experts .

In addition, according to experts, the real estate market in the regions not freeze , but so active in the capital will not sell housing .

According to experts , the average increase will show only the megacities . In other localities the number of transactions will remain insignificant .

"Trends in the market are almost the same everywhere . Cities milionniki will behave exactly the same as the capital . People are willing to buy mostly cheap housing in both the primary and secondary market " - said Gusel'nikov .

At the same time, the expert stressed that this year will continue to lose popularity Khrushchev .

"We expect that in the regions they will drop by 5-6%. Besides that other cheap apartments promise to add a little in price ," - said Gusel'nikov .

C New Year came into force a law introducing a tax on real estate.

The document stated that the tax required to pay those Ukrainians who area of ​​all apartments in the amount of more than 120 m2, all the houses - 250 m2 and and houses and apartments at the same time - 370 m2.

Calculated amount of tax depending on the " extra" area - the rate starts at 1 minimum wage ( in 1218 USD).
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