In 2011, the year house prices will not drop

29.11.2010 11:55
Real Estate Market Analysis | In 2011, the year house prices will not drop The next year, housing prices will not drop. On the contrary, while there are only prerequisites for the rise in price of housing in 2011.

In different media there is information from analysts about a possible further reduction of the cost of housing. In fact, these analysts are mainly oriented to market in Kiev, with its specificity, with the price of over $ 2 thousand for the quarter. m at a cost of construction, which is approximately equal to Kharkov. Now in Kharkov housing is sold at the lowest price compared to other megacities in Ukraine: an average of 5.5 thousand UAH for the quarter. m, starting from 4,8 ths. This suggests that reducing the price of housing, we can only reduce the cost. And it is composed of materials that do not fall in price, from the wages of construction workers, which we also can not shrink from the technical conditions and taxes.

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If the government implements plans to abolish VAT for builders, it will enable a cut of 8-10% of the cost of housing. In the meantime, I guess that next year will be a short rise in prices for primary property. This year, significant price fluctuations in the cost of housing is not expected.

In 2011, you should not expect a flood of mortgage loans, because many people stopped lending conditions and "draconian" attitude of banks to their borrowers. Banks finished the process of accumulation of money and now they need to work - to give out mortgages and loans to property developers. Resumption of lending, in turn, may also be a prerequisite for the growth in housing prices.
Alexander Konyukhov Zhilstroy-2, Inc., Managing
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