In 2011, the increased value of residential real estate in Kiev

15.04.2011 09:35
Real Estate Market Analysis | In 2011, the increased value of residential real estate in Kiev The amount of funds invested in real estate capital market reached $ 97.7 million in the I quarter of 2011, said Irina Lukhanin, CEO of real estate agency Blagovest, at a press conference on Thursday, wrote Building.

According to experts, in I quarter 2011 g.investitsii in metropolitan real estate market increased by 43.3% compared to the same period in 2010 ($ 68.2 million)

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Property valued up to $ 100 thousand for the quarter, shares represented 65.6% of the total number of transactions. Price Range $ 200 - $ 300 thousand - 5.3%. In the luxury segment of real estate in excess of $ 300 thousand share of deals amounted to 6,6%, or $ 23 million was the most dynamic segment of the $ 500 thousand to $ 1 million where the proportion of objects sold increased by 13,7% to 39,5% of total number of transactions.

"In each of these segments there is almost equivalent to the rising dynamics. This gives us grounds to speak not only about the stabilization and gradual increase in the volume market, but also provide optimistic forecasts for 2011. ", - Said I. Lukhanin.

In addition, the CEO of the Academy of Sciences "Blagovest", noted that growth was projected to autumn 2011, this trend will continue.

"Falling house prices will not be possible on the 5% down old house -" Khrushchev, "prices stabilize and the market starts to gain volume, especially in a class of gentrification", - said I. Lukhanin.
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