In 2010, the suburban real estate of Petersburg fell by 15%

01.02.2011 16:30
Real Estate Market Analysis | In 2010, the suburban real estate of Petersburg fell by 15%  Customers choose cheaper areas and away from the city.

Prices for land and country houses were falling for the past year. But despite this, the suburban real estate buyers will no longer be. As a result, sellers have been forced to cut prices even more. Often the value of the object falling directly at closing: knowing that a new buyer would be difficult to find, the sellers made concessions. The average amount of actual transactions decreased by 15-20%.

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- Hit the past year - a small and relatively cheap areas of gardening - the expert speaks on sale of suburban property Roman Gavrilov. - And, of Petersburg ceased to appreciate such factors as the proximity of his country house to the city. More important for the buyer affordability and natural features of the site.

Suburban area of 70-80 km from the city today can be bought for 600-800 rubles. In the sector of an individual apartment building at the peak of the popularity of sites at prices ranging from 1.5 to 2 million rubles. Real estate specialists say that very often the buyer "leaves" in the area - parts buys a house demolition in the remote areas of the Leningrad region with an eye on it to continue to move there.

Moreover, the issue price is not very large, given that the land provided all the necessary communications. For example, areas with painted gas and electricity in Volosovsky area last year could be bought for 40-45 rubles per one hundred square meters. The plot with the house being demolished in Tosno area cost about 2 million rubles.
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