How will housing prices this year

22.01.2014 00:30
Real Estate Market Analysis | How will housing prices this year All of last year was a struggle between the market of new apartments and housing for "secondary." First take a price that at least 20% lower. Second - the lack of construction risks . Thus, if the cost of apartments in old houses virtually unchanged , the primary market showed a slight increase in prices. We have learned from the experts , these trends continue in the current year .

You can invest . But the future

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Andrew Gusel'nikov vice president of the League of Ukrainian experts

Invest in housing , then to resell it more expensive this year is not worth it. According to our forecasts , the next two or three years, the market situation will not change significantly , while the number of transactions will remain at approximately the same level as last year. Investing in real estate if justify themselves , but only in the long term.

Looks more attractive buy square meters for subsequent lease. Payment for it is growing every year by 5-10%. The same growth and we expect the results of this year.

According to our calculations, if the purchase of housing people invested about 900 thousand UAH , and immediately began to take his investment will pay off over 10 years. Only after this apartment will be profitable to its owner .

Huge homes are not buying

Rubanov Alexander , head of the Union of Real Estate Specialists

Market private homes and cottages - in the most difficult situation. With the construction of many towns designers allowed one mistake . The area houses often exceeds 400 , and sometimes 600 squares. Today, these mansions are irrelevant : they cost too expensive for many potential buyers. They are almost impossible to sell . Developers are forced to reduce the cost of such property to a minimum - there's nowhere to concede more .

" Slightly better situation for companies that were building relatively small homes cost from 120 to 170 thousand dollars. Demand for such housing is, especially if the house is sold completely finished and you can immediately deliver furniture and move there . However, it is not so high to expect an increase in the prices of homes . "

Large cities are tightened for capital

The real estate market in the regions not freeze , but so active in the capital will not sell housing .

According to experts , the average increase will show only the megacities . In other localities the number of transactions will remain insignificant .

"Trends in the market are almost the same everywhere . Cities milionniki will behave exactly the same as the capital . People are willing to buy mostly cheap housing in both the primary and secondary market " - said vice - president of the League of experts Andriy Gusel'nikov .

At the same time, the expert noted that this year will continue to lose popularity Khrushchev .

"We expect that in the regions they will drop by 5-6%. Despite the fact that the rest of cheap apartments promise to add a little low , "- said Gusel'nikov .

Buyers prefer an inexpensive apartments in new buildings. Due to this large regional centers should be expected to increase the number of transactions in the primary market . The sharpest rise in prices will Crimea . Experts predict that it will be 15 %. Will buy not only apartments, but also luxury housing .

At the same time , in contrast to the whole country, popular not only the cheapest apartments , but also luxury housing . Buy it tend rich Ukrainians and Crimean nature lovers from the former Soviet Union.
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