How will change the price of housing in Kyiv

28.01.2018 00:00
Real Estate Market Analysis | How will change the price of housing in Kyiv The minimum prices for apartments in new buildings of the capital have not changed for several months. The average cost per square meter reached 21,400 UAH, or about $ 800. This is 400 UAH more or $ 170 less than two years ago. On the one hand, prices are constrained by low demand due to the difficult economic situation in the country.

At the same time, developers argue: the prices are almost at the minimum mark and in the future, changes are possible only in the direction of growth.

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We found out how prices for new buildings are formed and how to choose the right builder.

How much is the apartment

The location of the house, construction technologies, materials used, the class of the object, the footage, the infrastructure - all this affects the final value of the property. Minimum monthly price is calculated by Minregionstroy. At the moment it is more than 12.5 thousand per square meter. m.

At the same time, the average minimum price in the primary housing market of the capital is 14.5 thousand for the quarter. The fact is that the price calculated by the ministry does not include contributions to the local budget, staff salaries, preparatory work, advertising costs, and so on.

If the developer offers a price below 12.5 thousand - this is an occasion to think about whether you fell on the scammers. According to the Confederation of Builders of Ukraine, the cheapest apartments can be found in the Desnyansky District (Troyeschina, Forest Range). Here, the average cost per square meter reached only 14.6 thousand UAH. The most expensive housing in the Pechersk district - 35 thousand UAH per square. m.

At the same time, the most active new housing is sold in Holosiivsky, Darnitskiy and Solomenskiy districts of the capital. While the Desniansky district accounts for only about 3-5% of sales.

"We have four months the minimum price for the market does not change. This is 14.5 thousand UAH per meter. If you try, you can find cheaper options. There are promotions, special offers from the builder. But this is rather an exception to the rules. To the developer to sell part of the apartment at a price below the market, the second part must be sold at a price higher than the market. There is a cost of construction, it is growing. Theoretically, prices should also increase, "says expert in real estate Maxim Baburyak.

The real estate market is closely connected with the situation in the economy. Demand, and hence prices, will grow only after full-fledged mortgage lending, the incomes of Ukrainians will increase. Now the situation has stabilized, but the problems remain.

"We are seeing a drop in demand by 48% compared to 2016. From April to May, we noticed a trend towards a serious decrease in the number of transactions. However, in the autumn the market has slightly brightened up ", - the representative of one of the companies-builders tells.

But there is an opportunity to pay less. For example, if you invest in housing during the construction phase. However, it is important to choose a developer with a good reputation and a positive history in the market. True, in this situation, a housewarming party will have to wait several months to several years.

"There is an opinion that it is safer to invest in housing near the end of construction, since in this case there are much fewer risks that the project may not be completed. But in fact, even this approach does not give an absolute guarantee, because difficulties can arise at any stage. So here the key role is played by the reliability of the developer.

If he commissioned dozens of houses, if he successfully completes all projects, fully fulfills his obligations to investors, then this question is not so much security, how long, "explains Gleb Shemovnev.

How to choose a developer

Experts advise to pay attention to four important factors: reputation, documents, implemented projects and prices. If the developer has been working on the market for a number of years and passed a dozen objects without significant delays, this could be one of the "important pluses".

"Obviously, the developer's reputation should play a key role in choosing a housing." Unfortunately, buyers often give it much less value than the price of a square meter or the location of a new building.

Although ignoring this factor can lead to serious trouble, "- says the press secretary of" Ukrbud ".

According to the Confederation of Builders, "normal" is a delay of 3-4 months.

Most often, such a delay arises because of the long process of connecting the communications to the house. Moreover, it depends not only on the developer himself, but also on public services, local authorities.

"It is very important: the price should not be less than the minimum. If you somehow miraculously hit an apartment worth 9 thousand UAH per square meter, then there are problems. On something much saved and it's better not to take risks, "- says an expert in real estate.

Lawyer Alexander Plahotnik emphasizes: first of all, it is necessary to check the availability of all permits. If, for any reason, a representative of the developer refuses to show the papers, it is better not to risk and refuse to invest in such housing. A map with a list of illegal buildings, for example, in the capital, which, most likely, there may be problems with the introduction of housing in operation, can be found on the website of the Department of Urban Development and Architecture KSCA.

"If there is any doubt, it is advisable to consult a lawyer before purchasing. And in order to get a full idea of ​​the developer, it is better to visit a couple of houses he already built and talk with their tenants. So you can personally assess the quality of construction and get an unbiased opinion about whether it is worth to trust the developer ", - explains the press secretary of Ukrbud.

Go to the construction site, see what will change in two weeks, a month, advises Maxim Baburyak. If there is no visible result, this should raise doubts. "There is always a risk. There is no stage at which it is cheap, and 100% will be completed. Minimize the risks can be, buying housing from proven developers and carefully checking the documents, "- advise the Confederation of Builders.

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