How to settle down and live in a townhouse?

19.10.2010 15:00
Real Estate Market Analysis | How to settle down and live in a townhouse? Townhouse - quite controversial format Property: seems to be no longer flat, but still not home. As the name too, not everything is clear: translated as "town house", but in fact - on the contrary, most suburban apartment. What is the townhouses, for whom they are intended, how many faces and the road is in operation? Is it possible to live in them permanently?

What is a townhouse? House or apartment? Urban or suburban housing?
Format is really a transition: from a cottage he differs in that consists of several residential sections of the apartment - a larger area, a small plot of land and location - town houses are built mostly in the countryside, in villages or townships Multi consisting of nothing but townhouses.

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According to director of consulting company "RealEkspo" Victor Kovalenko, "in general, the legislative concept of" town house "does not exist, there is the notion of" individual interlocked house "or" apartment in individual semi-detached house. " Can be designed as an apartment house and grounds and the house.
From the Townhouse is different in that it is semi-detached house, that is a common wall with neighboring households. From testifying - that town house is not for seasonal and year-round residence. From the apartment - that is mainly located in the countryside, each household has a separate entrance on the street is a two-or three-tiered. "

Most often, these semi-detached (two sections) houses are built 2-story (at least 3, 4 floors) at a short distance from the cities. "The real estate market of Kyiv region townhouses are similar to urban housing, but as a rule, a larger area, - said Victor Kovalenko, the director of consulting company" RealEkspo. - In addition, they are out of town and have a small private plot. Differ from the cottages presence of neighbors, from duplexes - smaller space and fewer neighbors. "

According to the suburban real estate portal as of October 15 Uraine there were 116 cottage villages (built, constructed and projected), which are part of townhouses.
Average cost of 1 sq.m in townhouses in Ukraine is 1,266 dollars.
According to Victor Kovalenko, the primacy of the number of Kiev and area (49 townships), second place in the Crimea with 21 town townhouses.
If we consider the Kiev region, then the primacy of the number of the Kyiv-Sviatoshynsky area (18 townships), and at a cost - at the Obukhov district (1766 U.S. $ / sq ft).
According to Victor Kovalenko, the average price of townhouses on the Kiev area on October 15, 1397 amounts to U.S. $ / sq.m.

Townhouse - it is expensive or cheap? Far from the city or close?
Most of the townhouses are represented yet in the Multi-villages rather than in single-industry projects. "This combination of benefits the developer, can diversify risk and to reach a wider potential audience," - says Victor Kovalenko.

"Townhouses built in the city limits, and inner suburbs. Building in all directions, - says Victor Kovalenko. - According to our records, the largest number of proposals (36%) - in Kyiv Svyatoshynskyi area. The greatest demand is marked on the villages in the 20-kilometer zone. There are villages in the 30-40-kilometer zone. But the farther from the city, the lower the demand, as for most buyers townhouse - it's still a format that is close to urban housing, and not to-town. "
"Compared with the pre-crisis level, prices have fallen by 20-25%," - says Victor Kovalenko.

"Currently, townhouses being built in all directions, as demand in the suburban real estate market and are a cheaper alternative to cottages. Developers prefer to build townhouses in Multi-towns, as it is more economically advantageous - tells Victor Kovalenko. The cost of the section in the townhouse, the expert continues, depends on the settlement, the material of which was built town house, living area and size of the infield.

Variation in prices for townhouses is large enough, Victor Kovalenko said: "For example, in the village of townhouses in the area Vassilkovskaya square meter costs $ 675. And in the villages Obuhovskogorayona -1766 U.S. $ / sq.m. "

Minimum price townhouse to date with the cost of the adjacent site - 525 dollars per square meter. m in Ivano-Frankivsk region, adds Victor Kovalenko.

Is it possible to register a townhouse? How to pay for utilities while living in townhouse?
Despite his Interformatted, townhouse (like describe it) - a full house, which is quite possible if you wish to register. However, for this to be a townhouse and postal address. If it is, registration is performed in the same manner as in the apartment, said Victor Kovalenko. "In the section townhouse can be registered. The main thing that has not been violated health standards: 6 square meters. m per person. Still need to townhouse located in the village and the section was drawn floor plan of the BTI ", - adds Victor Kovalenko.

It is fair to say that operating costs will be at town house, and cheaper than servicing country cottages, but still more expensive than servicing the apartment. "The utilities, will likely include operating expenses and payment of water meter, gas and electricity", - said Victor Kovalenko.
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