How much land in Ukraine?

21.10.2010 12:50
Real Estate Market Analysis | How much land in Ukraine? Plots of land in urban areas since early 2010 rise in price. However, interest earned can not be compared with lost during the crisis.

Buy a plot in a big city is not easy. Firstly, the shortage of available land. Secondly, the existence of restrictions on its use and legal problems. Because in the plot line of Kiev with the purpose "under construction" costs from $ 8000 for a hundred. And having left miles of 30 - 50, you can find the land, which sell for $ 1000 - 5000 per sq.m., wrote Money.

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Expensive land and in Odessa. Particularly high prices for plots located near the sea or related to it output. The offer price reaches $ 15 thousand sq.m.. Of course, there are deals and cheap - the farther from the sea, the figures are, of course, modest. The difference in price between the coastal site and located "in the field can reach 50 - 60%.

Not a bit cheaper land in another resort region - in the Crimea. Despite the crisis, plots 3 - 5 ares offer for sale for quite Kiev prices.

Within the boundaries of other major cities in areas far more accessible. In Kharkov, you can find offers for $ 2000--5000/sotka, within the boundaries of city - from $ 2500 for a hundred.

Not only the land
Very often land in the city or county sold to "load" in the form of an unfinished house, basement, or dilapidated buildings. Prices of such land, according to observations, "Money," comparable to "clean" areas. There are, however, and the pleasant exceptions, when the earth with a box home for sale even at 10 - 15% cheaper than the allotment without buildings. And the plot, which is the "box" at home, maybe even a larger area than those without plants. For example, in the line of Kiev 20 ares with the "unfinished" sold for $ 9000 for a hundred, then when in the same area of 10 hectare of land without buildings sold already for $ 10 - 12 thousand sq.m..

Buying land with a "box" should understand that not bought an unfinished house and land and building materials. The seller must provide the State act on land ownership, building permits and house design, if any.

Sometimes the seller may not have any documents on himself unfinished house. How to tell a partner law firm Eydikom "Alain Vorontsov, in accordance with Part 3. 331 of the Civil Code, before the construction site owner, on which work is underway, is the owner of a set of materials and equipment. But not the object itself. It turns out that along with the site is not sold the unfinished house, and ... construction materials?

Nevertheless, according to Ms. Vorontsova, and possibly conclude a contract for the sale of "unfinished". "In this case, the ownership of the" object under construction "is registered in the BTI according to the requirements of the Provisional Regulations on the registration of ownership of real property approved by the Decree of the Ministry of Justice, dated 07.02.2002 № 7 / 5" - explained the lawyer.

In this case, Ms. Vorontsov stressed that evidence ownership of the unfinished facility will be issued. And after the state registration of ownership rights to the "object under construction" in the BTI be issued to the owner of the extract of registration of ownership of real property and an extract from the Register of ownership rights to immovable property. Exchange exposure on the title deed, it is possible after completion of construction and acceptance of home BTI.

So what if the house on the site has not been formally adopted by the BTI, it is not home at all, and so - a reason to spend a lot of time and a lot of money for its legalization. Of special note - the cost of the legalization of such real estate is higher, the more clutter in the design documentation, inconsistencies facility approved project, and other gaps. However, competent lawyer is capable of rather big fees through the courts to legitimize virtually any building.

A land without law

"Sell the old house. Land is not privatized," - occasionally you can see such an advertisement in the public databases for sale. Of course, to sell, in fact, does not belong to the seller site is the work illegal.

But, as explained by partner law firm Starchuk, Plachinda and partners Eugene Starchuk, in such cases is only sold the house and the land transferred to the new owner to use. And later, if desired, it can privatize it. Lawyer noted that, according to the Land Code, the right to use the land, on which the house becomes a person who acquired the building.

New owner of the house for the use of land becomes the same purpose and the same area and under the same conditions that were set the previous owner, land user. "Thus, the transition of ownership of a house the right to use a fixed him land passes automatically. After buying a house site could be privatized," - says Eugene Starchuk.

To privatize land, which is in use, you must apply to the local administration. The decision on privatization was adopted in a month on the basis of technical materials and documents that confirm the size and location of the site. "Privatization of land, which already has built, implemented without the development of the project ROW. In this case, developing technical documentation for the land and agreed by the relevant bodies", - said Eugene Starchuk.

Privatization of this site in Kiev would cost between $ 500 and up to several thousand, and the procedure itself will take at least six months. Process can drag on even longer. There have been cases where the act on the ground had to wait about two years. With "accelerator" everything can be solved in a couple of months, but it will take at least $ 1500-2500. In large cities, respectively, the amount may be smaller - from $ 1000.

Buy and privatize land with unfinished or wreck - it's still only half way to further a comfortable stay in a private home. After all, unfinished or need to build, or destroy, and build a house again.

Housing construction from scratch would cost about $ 400 per 1 m? without the cost of finishing and communication. What is the cost to repair and finish the house - it depends on the degree of readiness and quality of construction works. Perhaps it is enough to just finish the roof, put windows and doors and do the finishing work. This is at least $ 200 per square meter of total space.

However, these are often sold unfinished, which are cheaper than destroy and start construction again. Here and there are some difficulties. The fact is that in order to rebuild the house, you need to get some permits. According to Eugene Starchuka, you will need to change the project to build a new one and agree on it in several instances.

In particular: in architecture and construction inspection, sanepidemstantsii and fire service. By the time it may take several months, but if you try, you can catch a few weeks.

If you want to demolish the house, then, according to Alena Vorontsova, it will have to get permission to demolish and build a new facility.

"Permission for construction of the facility provides executive committee on the basis of a comprehensive body of opinion on town planning and architecture. This resolution gives the customer the right to obtain baseline data for the design, implementation design and survey work and obtaining permission to perform the work," - explained partner JC "Eydikom .

At the same time to avoid lengthy paperwork, told Mr. Starchuk, it is better not to get permission for construction and for renovation, which will also be carried out according to the developed project. But requires much less hassle.
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