How much it costs to live in the city?

24.06.2010 11:29
Real Estate Market Analysis | How much it costs to live in the city? Fences plastered ads for the sale of suburban land. Price offers suburban real estate increased by approximately 10% compared with May 2009.
It seems that the market town real estate there has been revival. According to the company's "trajectory", in May 2010 deals with the country real estate has increased by 7,8% compared with May 2009. But the activity is still low - in May 2008, sales still were at 22,4% more than in the current year.
In the cottage, too much excitement, but still very weak. Recall, as previously said the president of the Union real estate Oleksandr Rubanov, in the Kiev region has been frozen for almost 90% of construction sites. In the regions continue to work no more than 10-15% of objects.
Partner Dragon Asset Management Eugene Baranov, explains: "In the active phase were only isolated projects, developers are able to finance their own expense. The development of other projects have been fully or partially suspended. According to the expert, the fate of small towns is largely dependent on the phase of their development and on the ability of owners to postpone the time of sale. "Those developers who need more money, returned to the practice of selling land plots for individual building, which was characteristic of the late 90's. But the remaining 10% of the projects continue their planned development, "noted Mr. Baranov. Regarding prices, the average cost of homes is now 1100 dollars per 1 m2.

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Life for the Kyiv region
Crisis has made consumers more capricious, and sellers - more tractable; loans for the purchase of country houses until practically no yield. That is why you can find homes near Kiev on sane prices. CEO, "Trajectory" Sergei Klimenko said: "The main interest of buyers is" budget "accommodation costs up to 200 thousand dollars. And for the same amount customers want to buy a finished house, with finishing work, an area of 150-200 m2 and the plot to 12 hectare. According to him, there is interest in and to the houses with painted communications, but without finishing. But for such a product ready to pay up $ 150 thousand
However, the searching, you can find a cheaper offer. In particular, in the villages, far from Kiev on 40-50 km, often houses for sale at 40-100 thousand dollars. And "in package" includes a plot on the 8-40 hectare. However, such a cheap homes often were built in 60-ies, and even earlier, and need major repairs or in general to be demolished. In the same amount assessed and unfinished items. For example, in the area Borodyanskyy (50 km from Kyiv), we found a house demolition in the center of the village for 12 thousand dollars, and 50 km from the capital city of Odessa on the highway was built slightly more than half of the house for $ 45 thousand
If the house does not want to live there permanently, but as summer residences, then a radius of 100 km from the city can be for 5-15 thousand dollars to buy a relatively suitable for living house. But in exchange for a pristine nature have to live with the lack of infrastructure and the presence of random neighbor. Houses in the cottage and garden co-ops sell and is for 15-40 thousand dollars. "Most proposals are available in Baryshevsky area where houses demolished can buy a $ 10 thousand, or Borodyanskyy area for the $ 12 thousand," said Mr. Klimenko.
More than 50 km from the capital for $ 20-80 thousand to buy a very normal house. Expensive areas as before, remain Obukhovskii and Vyshgorodsky areas - houses there on sale for $ 500-1500 thousand
It's not uncommon to find a house near Kiev for $ 10-12 thousand to four times greater then invest in bringing it into order.

Around one million people

In the regions, as well as in Kiev region, old houses, distant by 50 km and more, on sale almost at bargain prices. For example, 85 km from Kharkov home can be bought for 1-6 thousand dollars.
Ownerships are located no farther than 50 km from the city, put up for sale already for 15-150 thousand dollars. Compared with the year 2009 tangible price changes did not happen. Prices for "marking" on the spot, except for single objects, whose owners have decided to somehow increase requests by 10%.
In Dnipropetrovsk region offer price of homes are within 9,5-150 thousand dollars depending on the "elite" structure. For example, a house on the banks of the Dnieper with its own pier sold for 80 thousand dollars. And in a village 50 km from Dnepropetrovsk to buy the house for $ 10 thousand
Become homeowners in the Lviv region is more expensive not less than $ 15 thousand sold the estate about 50 km from the regional center. Near the city housing costs from $ 17 thousand for a modest dachku to $ 500 thousand for the elite cottage.
Near Odessa, the cost of housing varies depending on the distance to the sea. If houses on the Kiev highway, and sell for $ 20 thousand, then to the coast prices start from 80 thousand dollars.

Hazy Future
Despite the renewed buying interest in the suburban housing, talk about the beginning of growth of prices is impossible. Buyers do not "rake everything, as before, but carefully seek out interesting price, quality and location of objects. Mortgages under realistic percentage (up to 14-15% in UAH) to the end of the year in sight. Therefore, in 2010 expect a noticeable increase in prices is not worth it, as well as their fall. Most likely, the price of suburban real estate will fluctuate within plus or minus 5-10%.

Dachnoe summer
In the pre-crisis times the normal rent villa at a good price at the beginning of the summer was unreal. Interesting houses "left" before the middle of April. Now the proposal is almost three times the demand? although compared with the year 2009 who want to rent a vacation home has increased by 1820%.
In June, long lease in Kiev region offers approximately 400 households of different class. 40% of proposals? at home and give the post-Soviet buildings, which shall be priced at $ 200-400 per month. Another approximately 35% of home-based business-class price of $ 2,5-4 thousand per month.
In regions of the rents on a suburban housing in the lower half or two times: from 500-1000 USD per month requested in the Kharkov region of 1400-5000 USD in Donetsk.
Although the resort regions of homeowners prefer to take the summer housing for rent (in Truskavets in Lviv 40-150 USD / day), can be found and longer-term proposals. For example, a summer residence near Lviv lease price of 1500 UAH per month. In Odessa, a well-decorated rental cottages on the coast in summer is $ 5000-7000 per month. During the removal of houses are simpler, but far from the sea they want $ 1700-3000 per month.

The house outside the city
Estimated cost of real estate in suburban areas, $ thousand for homeownership


Country Summer
Estimated rental value of suburban housing, UAH per month

8000-10 000
1500-20 000

Total: Despite the renewed buying interest in the suburban real estate prices are on the bottom. Probably even lower - as we approach the fall.

Tatyana Sidorenko
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