How much is housing in suburbs?

24.08.2010 13:19
Real Estate Market Analysis | How much is housing in suburbs? Market suburbs has not yet recovered - the demand low, prices - high. The share of areas where the cost of weave does not exceed the psychologically important level of 100 thousand, accounting for 30% of all offers on the market suburbs. Falling consumer demand is estimated at 45% of the pre-crisis, and the cost of houses varies 300 times depending on the category, distance and quality of summer cottages.

Analysts of "Native Land" reported that the proportion of the cheapest towns without a contract, where the weaving is less than 50 thousand, representing 11% of the total of all proposals. The largest price category - 22% - towns without a contract at a price of 50 to 100 rubles per one hundred square meters. Given that the plots are sold in Moscow, as a rule, have an area of 6 to 10 hectare, the cost of most sites is in the range from 500 thousand to 1 million rubles.

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Similar suggestions are found at a distance of 35 km from Moscow and are located mainly on Simferopolskoe, Novoryazanskoye, Gorky and Yaroslavl direction.

Offers in the price range of more than 100 thousand rubles per one hundred square meters are not so numerous, experts say. In towns without a contract at a price of 100-200 thousand rubles per one hundred square meters account for 14% of proposals on the settlement price of 200-300 thousand rubles per one hundred square meters - 11%. Proportion of land worth 300-400 thousand rubles per one hundred square meters of 14%. Among the areas with the proposals presented in the first place Kaluga, Kiev and Dmitrov highway, as well as the nearest districts of Simferopol, Yaroslavl and Novoryazanskoye directions.

It should be noted that the share of expensive land - from 500 rubles per one hundred square meters - accounts for almost one fifth (19%) of proposals. "Most of these proposals focus on Rublevo-Uspensky, Novorizhskoe and the Kiev highway, - analyst Vladimir Yefimov. - It turns out that segment of the plots without a contract as a whole is developing in all directions around Moscow - as the cheapest and most expensive.

By the end of summer in the suburbs has traced the dependence of the closer settlement, the more expensive it is, but it is not absolutely strict: for example, 40-45 km from Moscow offered price sites like 350-400 thousand rubles per one hundred square meters, so and plots the lowest price groups. "This is due to the fact that the earth is significantly more expensive in the project, - says Vladimir Yefimov. - The price of land in villages close to readiness, can nearly double differ from prices at the start of sales. In addition, plays a role and pricing policies of individual companies. Some developers prefer to set prices close to market, or even below market, so as soon as possible to sell the project. Others are ready for a longer payback period, but it is important to them to sell as much as possible at a better price. "

"Perhaps, suburban housing has suffered because of the crisis more than anything in the real estate market, not counting the" bare "land, which have lost the demand - the glances realtor company CEO Nicholas Urzhum. - The crisis of the collapse of the value cottages in the suburbs more than 45%. While demand is low. Pick-up Artist Offers summer homes in the suburbs differ from cheapest to most expensive 300 times.

Today, the cost of country homes without land starts from 1 million rubles - for the money you can buy 70-meter shield house. The cost of land without a contract and communications in this format starts from 15-20 thousand rubles per one hundred square meters.

If we talk about the average buyer's request cottages - now look ready wooden house area of about 150 to 200 square meters. on 12-20 hectare plot at a distance of 60-80 km from Moscow, preferably close to the forest and reservoir. The cost of such real estate - about 6.8 million rubles for the finished house with a plot in the village with all communications.

On the other hand, almost all experts of the market suburbs are convinced that sooner or later suburban housing will depart from the crisis and the activity of buyers will return to pre-crisis level. However, it is unlikely this will happen sooner than a couple of years. Segment cottages will develop most rapidly in the next 2-3 years - said the executive director of the Marshall Estate Andrei Vyatkin - land near Moscow today are less and less, and it will go up, while giving can offer affordable prices and good environment - what is today the buyer appreciates. "

The most expensive cost of homeownership for Novorizhskoye direction are represented in the secondary market, in the elite cottage villages, located on the average not more than 20 kilometers from Moscow, analysts say the company Terra Real Estate.

So, for example, in the villages Myakinino (which is located 1 kilometer from the Moscow Ring Road), Nikolskaya Sloboda, Third Hunt, Paul, Velednikovo Manor, Residence Benelux, Sherwood Cottages are about 8.5 million dollars. The area houses adjoining land is an average of 50 hectare, and at home - 900 square meters.

However, a particularly expensive proposals still are in demand in a certain category of Russians, experts say. As for the more budget options, intended for those who live on the salary that Mian, for example, note that the cost of renting cottages for the summer period depends not only on the direction but also on the quality characteristics of the object.

From 10 to 25 thousand rubles a month to tenants available old house built 70 - 80-ies, with "Grandma's furniture, usually with no communications and electricity.

For rent from 30 to 90 thousand rubles a month, you can count on cottage situated in 30-70 km from Moscow Ring Road with the area from 6 to 8 hectare, with the availability of space for parking and electricity. It is on these proposals today accounts for about 60-70% of all queries, say experts MIAN.

In the segment up to 30 thousand rubles per month to any urban amenities not count.

The segment from 30 to 70 thousand rubles per month suggests that the house will be held electricity sector will add the car, and the territory of the village will be protected.
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