How much Housing in a new city?

02.12.2009 13:17
Real Estate Market Analysis | How much Housing in a new city? Consulting company "RealExpo" as of November 16, 2009 promoted 284 new buildings in the suburbs of Ukraine. According to director Victor Kovalenko, the primacy of the number of new buildings in the suburb of Kiev belongs to the area (83 site) in 9 districts of the region. Second place was awarded to Odessa region (20 sites), third place - Lviv region (9 sites).
In total 141 attended new building of the Crimea.
According to the study, the average price of 1 sq. m in the suburban new buildings of Ukraine as of November 16 was 1,128 dollars per square meter.

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New Developments in the Crimea beat the record for the value in Ukraine. The minimum cost to the Crimea will start with $ 650 per sqm in Bahchisarae and reaches a maximum delivered elite houses in Yalta -5000 U.S. $ / sq.m.
Alushta 939-2700 U.S. $ / sq
Bahchisaray region of $ 650-1800 / m
Kerch 712-1600 U.S. $ / m
Evpatoria 939-1600 U.S. $ / sq
Pike 926-1350 U.S. $ / sq ft
Theodosia 750-1123 U.S. $ / sq
Yalta 946-5000 U.S. $ / sq
Gurzuf 1500-3400 U.S. $ / sq
Sebastopol 800-1300 U.S. $ / sq
Simferopol 900-3000 U.S. $ / sq

Donetsk Region
Average cost of 1 square. m Donetsk region is 1,400 dollars. Minimum price starts from $ 850 / sq.m in Mariupol.

Transcarpathian region
Minimum price for 1 sq. m will start in Mukachevo with 493 dollars and reaches a maximum of $ 812 to Mina Uzhgorod district.

Lviv region
Minimum price marked on the housing in a newly finished with. Vynnyky Drohobych District (687 U.S. $ / sq.m) and the maximum value of 1 m has reached a new building in with. Bison Pustomytovsky area.

Mykolaiv region
Average cost of 1 square. meters in new buildings in the region ranges from $ 700.

Odessa region
At an average cost of projects in the Odessa region influenced by the presence in the base of new buildings in Odessa (1180 U.S. $ / sq.m).
The minimum cost of housing in the suburbs of Odessa observed in the newly in with. New Valley Ovidiopol district ($ 760 / m).

Ternopil region
In second place at the minimum cost of 1 sq. m in suburban erected after the Transcarpathian region of Ukraine is Ternopil region.
Minimum price starts from U.S. $ 512 / m in Zbarazh Zbarazhskogo area and reaches a maximum in. White Ternopil region (556 U.S. $ / sq.m).

Kyiv region
Talk about that area of the capital is about to double by joining the nearest towns satellite, silenced - the crisis in the yard. However, the popularity of the suburbs have not diminished. Furthermore: Kievites increasingly seek "the line". Especially those who need to urgently address the notorious housing. What to live and suffer today the capital "satellites" and so it is good and profitable life in a small town in the 10-30 km from the metropolis, as is commonly believed?
To date, the average cost of the "square" in the satellite town was $ 1155. The cheapest is still the primary housing in the area Borodyanskyy (from $ 600/kv. M), the most expensive - in the Obukhov district (from $ 1.26 thousand / sq. M).
Total company RealEkspo "analyzed 83 new buildings in the Kiev region. In terms of new buildings championship in Kiev Svyatoshinskiy district (28 sites), in second place Boryspil district with 16 new buildings and on the third - Brovarskyi district with 13 buildings.
According to Victor Kovalenko, the activity of construction of a settlement in the suburbs, usually proportional to the loyalty to the builders of the local authorities, who are either going to meet them or not. An important factor influencing the number of constructed objects, according to Mr. Kovalenko is the geographical location of settlement and the availability of good transport links with the capital and the level of infrastructure development.

General, we should recognize that most developers master the vicinity of Kiev, is focused on not too demanding buyer that is displayed on the qualitative parameters of the apartments. So, if according to experts in the capital about 90% of homes being built on a modern monolith-frame technology, the area accounted for the lion's share of flats, constructed using traditional techniques (prefabricated concrete houses and brick houses with reinforced concrete slabs).

80 percent of buyers - is arriving from different regions of Ukraine.
Shepherds, Kotsyubinskoe, Boryspil, Irpen, as well as more distant suburbs in a radius of 15 kilometers from Kiev, that is what needs to invest.
Favorite Odessa areas - it Chabany: reality in the coming years will be built underground at the Odessa area, and thence to Chabanov just a kilometer and a half. In my opinion, this is a promising suburbs, it will develop.

Speaking about the prospects of new housing in the suburbs of the capital, analysts agree that it will be in demand.
"In the near future be expected to reduce costs by 10-20%, caused by low activity of buyers. Therefore, those who held the proposal to some extent lost its chance ", - said Victor Kovalenko.

Pluses of suburban life: cheap housing, proximity to the capital, ecology
Disadvantages of suburban life: bad roads, shortage of hot water and garbage disposal, adverse social environments.

Viktor Kovalenko

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