How much does a house in the Carpathians

15.04.2008 00:00
Real Estate Market Analysis | How much does a house in the Carpathians In some areas of the Carpathians, located near the spa and resort, the price of land and houses for the year increased by 4 times. Among the variety of offers on the market Carpathian Property highest demand Bukovel ski resort, located in Ivano-Frankivsk region.

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In particular, "Delo" inquired about the prices in the villages and Palyanitsa Yablunitsa. The first is a half hour walk from the resort - to the ski lift about 2 kilometers. The village found a small log cabin of 1,5 floor (last - mansard), up to 120 square meters. This section is very small - 1,5-2 weave. These same type of building sold 25-30 thousand dollars. Cottage in the Carpathians for 200 thousand dollars "Build the same plan is also in the territory of the resort - said Julia Bishop, realtor, real estate agents" Valeria "(Ivano-Frankivsk). - In Bukovel immediately after entering a few rows of houses, where a square meter is worth $ 800. These are small houses made of wood up to 150 square meters, warm inside. This house can be bought for 180-200 thousand dollars. With an even greater amount of, say, 300 thousand dollars, you can buy a mansion at 30 hundred parts of land in Palyanitse. How to tell the seller, a snug house, with a design repairs, insulation, windows of expensive high-quality wood. By the way, most of the houses, which we were offered was precisely from the "timber", as the realtors, it is made of logs. In the village Yablunitsa, which has a connection to the highway in Ivano-Frankivsk and Uzhgorod, established bus connection Yaremche, there are several slopes for skiing and ski tow. How to tell realtors, these two villages at the price and level of supply can be placed almost in a row. One vendor offered us a town house in chetyrehkvartirnom house worth 150 thousand dollars. Each apartment has a garage, sauna, 1,5 floors, plot 4 weave, the area of apartments - 120 square meters. To get to the resort from Yablunitsa Bukovel on a vehicle, it will take 30-40 minutes. "It is very difficult road - a streamer, because cars drive slowly", - explains the seller. In Transcarpathia sell real estate speculators in the resort area Svaliava located in the mountainous zone of the Carpathians, where there are several major ski lifts and ski trails and is located about one hundred mineral springs area with a good home in a few floors and high-quality repair can be bought for 200 thousand dollars . In this case Svalyava area, 15-20 km from the city, a house with land will cost is significantly cheaper - $ 70 thousand. "These prices have been formed there a few years ago - say the brokers - through untwisted resorts and sanatoriums, now prices are rising, but slowly." In the Transcarpathian region sufficiently broad and affordable housing choices found in Irshava area. "The small town Irshava located in the heart of Transcarpathian region" - read the ads on travel sites. Before Bukovelya and Dragobrata distance of 150 kilometers, and within a radius of 35-80 kilometers are thermal springs, nature reserve "Enchanting edge", there are small tracks, several existing lifts. The area is suitable rather than to the ski resort, and for rest and recuperation. While real estate prices are relatively low, but according to the Realtors, the area is very promising. Last year, land prices have increased very significantly and several times exceeded the rate of growth in the more "untwisted" resort areas. Now the section from 25 to 50 ares of the house can be bought for 18-25 thousand. This one-story house, it may be heating, gas, water, light. "From May to November the price of land in the area Irshava increased 4 times, - says Andrey Kharchenko, director of realty company Zakarpat. - In the beginning, the house on the site about 50 hectare can be purchased for 4,000 dollars. Mizhhiria - also very expensive option for the purchase of land and house. This is a popular tourist destination located in the valley of Italy, situated near the lake and waterfall Synevir Whisper. On all sides the city is surrounded by mountains. There are ski slopes and resorts. The most economical option we have found on the outskirts of the village, away from the main road. Over 25 thousand dollars they offered us a 25 hectare plot, with a realtor, confessed: "The building is not suitable even for summer cottages, only to be demolished. "For 40 thousand dollars is roughly the same version, well, maybe better than the state house, with gas", - says the seller. A 20 hectare plot with a house of 4 rooms, covering about 140 square meters, we have proposed are over 70 thousand dollars. "A good new two-, three-story house is about 150-200 thousand more, but few such proposals, they usually do not put up for sale, and build for themselves", - said Andrey Kharchenko. Rahov - tourist center and the city, which in winter attracts lovers of winter sports such as downhill skiing or snowboarding. Rakhiv district - the most mountainous part of Ukraine. Therefore, land prices there "bite", weaving is about 6-10 thousand dollars, though this price includes the house on the site. Offer a fairly broad, from 120 to 450 square meters. Near the road, the red line, prices are higher, on the outskirts of the village is cheaper, because the road passes precisely through its center. In Rahov for this year and several times has increased prices, particularly in areas linked to the ski resorts. At the same time realtors recognize that even some few years ago, house and land could be bought for a penny, with the hosts, the villagers. Now 60% of sellers - speculators, second or third owners, who see the prospects of regions and wound rates. The remaining 40% - still the first owners of the land, but they are ori-ruyutsya prices dealers.

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