How expensive the suburban real estate near Kiev

12.02.2018 00:45
Real Estate Market Analysis | How expensive the suburban real estate near Kiev The average price per square meter in new buildings of Kiev satellite cities increased by 0.7%. At the same time, apartments in Buche, Gostomel and Boryspil were the most expensive. Here, developers increased price tags by 0.8%. These data lead analysts of the company "Alliance Novobud", conducting a study of price proposals in the 10 largest cities in the Kiev region. Experts explain the rise in prices mainly by the weakening of the hryvnia exchange rate. And add that if the situation in the foreign exchange market is leveled, there may not be a further rise in price. Moreover, the demand for suburban real estate does not change significantly. Buyers are increasingly deterred by solid traffic jams in popular destinations and expensive travel. The density of building and the number of storeys of objects is growing, which reduces their attractiveness in the eyes of potential buyers.

According to the company, the most inexpensive housing in the suburbs of Kiev can now be found in Gostomel. Despite the fact that the region was included in the group of leaders of the rise in price, a square meter in new buildings here is given on average 10.8 thousand UAH. However, immediately you can easily find objects at a price below 10 thousand UAH.

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The most expensive housing in Vishnevoy and Sofia Borshchagovka. Prices per square meter here on average are 14 thousand UAH. - similar proposals can be found on a number of Kiev objects. Expensive housing is explained here by the proximity of the settlements to the capital and the simplicity of the trip to the metropolis.

Earlier it was reported that in the suburbs of Kiev, the active supply of private residences is growing.
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