HOW Cottage towns in Ukraine?

26.12.2008 00:00
Real Estate Market Analysis | HOW Cottage towns in Ukraine? This question still to answer was complicated. But with the advent of suburban real estate portal it has become possible. And thanks to the work the director of "RealEkspo, head of the portal Viktor Ivanovich Kovalenko.

Over the past two months, Viktor Ivanovich collected information on the built, under construction or planned cottage villages in the suburban real estate market. It turned out that in the database has 422 objects: the cottages in towns, town houses in towns, villas and residences in towns, apartments and Eling in the towns.
Leading metropolitan Regions: -200 + objects Kiev-15 facilities, which occupies nearly half the market of cottage towns of Ukraine. The second highest number is the Crimea with 81 target and at the third and Odessa area with 58 sites.

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The remaining 20% of cottage property as follows: Dnepropetrovsk region -12 towns, Lviv and the region of -12 towns, and the Donetsk region -11 campuses; Kharkiv and region -10 towns.
It is gratifying to note that in all regions there is a civilized approach to suburban real estate market: Only four regions we were unable to find cottage townships: Volyn, Transcarpathian, Sumy, Kherson.
The most popular type are cottages in the cottage (69%) of the total.
Only in the southern regions (the Crimea, Odessa) recently appeared species such as boathouses and villas. There, on the beach built recreational complex with apartments for visitors, who often are not densely-rents, and building up for sale.
At an average cost of 1 sq. km. m in the cottage in the first place went to the Crimea 4027dolllarov (at the cost of affected complex "Black Sea" with the value of 20,000 for "square"). In second place was with Kiev the average cost of 1 sq ft 3,600 dollars and Kiev region in third place with an average cost of the "square" 1989 dollars. The lowest average cost of 1 sq. m has appeared at the Rivne and Chernihiv regions.
With regard to the average cost per square meter in townhouses, the primacy of keeping the capital in 3350 dollars for "square", the second place on the right to occupy the Odessa region with the cost of 2,154 U.S. $ / sq ft and the third place in Kharkiv (2067dol/kv.m) .
Victor Kovalenko,
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