Housing suburbs gained pre-crisis demand

07.02.2011 13:47
Real Estate Market Analysis | Housing suburbs gained pre-crisis demand Perceptions of the market near Moscow since the Soviet positions - dachku and 6 hectare - a long time have sunk into oblivion. Today - this is one of the fastest growing residential real estate market - and the volume of housing under construction, and demand growth and, consequently, higher prices. Experts at this point drop in interest in new buildings and increase - the objects of the secondary market.

According to the company Penny Lane Realty, 2010 was marked by a resurgence of interest in secondary installations near Moscow. "Primary" for the most part handed over his position: in the year it sold only 3,098 objects. For comparison - even 2 years ago, before the crisis, when the market is growing by leaps and bounds, the number of sold objects exceed this figure by 2 times.

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"Up until 2008, the palm in sales unequivocally belonged to the primary property in connection with a huge selection of proposals for a" taste and color, "- commented the director of the Department of suburban real estate company Penny Lane Realty, Dmitry Tsvetkov. - Buyers prefer to buy houses "first hand" and developers are mainly sold their own facilities. Real Estate job in the business and economy class was ineffective. The exception was luxury real estate market, where historically the majority of objects are concentrated in the secondary market: in Zhukovka, Barvikha et al.

The company's analysts believe that the status quo, rather, not to win the secondary market, and "failure" of the primary, where there are no objects that can "touch". Most of the existing proposal involves further investment: it's just the sites or sites with contract. During 2010 the market went about 150 new projects, approximately 70% of them were in towns, which offers plots without a contract.

No less important factor delaying the sale of the primary real estate glut in the market is noncompetitive proposal. "Today the market represented about 600 cottage settlements. In half of them for the year was sold less than 7% of the total number of objects sold. At this rate of sales can stretch more than 10 years - says Tsvetkov. - To increase the attractiveness of cottages, I would recommend the developers to increase their degree of readiness, improve the quality of construction and finishing, making a convenient scheme for the acquisition, including in conjunction with banks to develop mortgage programs. And do not forget that the real estate market there is no shortage, that would not offset the price. "

Interestingly, in this regard to RIA-Novosti on the transfer of the Government of Moscow Region land to the east for residential development. Here, the so-called Luberetskiy fields aeration, Sergei Sobyanin plans to build about 4 million square meters of housing. Told reporters the main architect of Moscow Alexander Kuzmin, the area is planned to build transport infrastructure and engineering.

Interviewed VIEW Real Estate Experts puzzled accepted this new plan for the Moscow City Hall - or rather, a choice location for large-scale development projects, since this area is the most "cork" in terms of communication with the capital. Ryazan and Novo-Ryazan highway have not cope with the traffic and the lack of even a draft of new routes does not give grounds for optimism for the coming years.

"Is rather problematic decision on Building Luberetskiy fields - said LOOK-Estate Planning Bureau Director Igor Kurochkin. - Even today, the east - is one of the largest transportation woes. Travel to Moscow may take up to 2 hours on weekdays and up to 3-4 - at the weekend. Build a house here - it's just to kill any message. Without modern solutions in the area and Lyubertsy Zhulebino, flyovers in the area of joining with the Ring Road, the expansion of the Volgograd prospectus and interchanges in the metro "Textile workers' movement here, and so will rise in a year or two. That is just at the time when the mayor's office in Moscow to build a large new estate. "

The concept of development of adjacent territories of Moscow and Moscow region will be developed in the first half of this year, said earlier the Minister of Construction suburbs Paul Perepelitsa, noting that "terms of reference approved. The concept will be released at the end of the first half. "

In late 2010, the Governor of Moscow region Boris Gromov and the Mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin signed a plan of cooperation between the two players in the field of urban development, transportation, environmental, consumer market and services, the ritual service.

"A bunch of city and region should be, because This requires a dialectic of development in any major metropolis - says LOOK-Real Estate situation with new plans for residential construction director of the construction companies' O.S.G. Denis Kudryashov. - How will this affect the market? - Apparently, we must nevertheless bear in mind that such housing should be social, which will receive a waiting list. True, not a fact that Muscovites will go to Lyubertsy even the "communal". While there are no tools to do so, but because City Hall plans are good, but it is not clear. "

By the end of 2010, the only segment of the Moscow region, where the increased number of new buildings, became the suburbs, experts say. But the price of primary housing in the cities of up to 5 km from Moscow has not changed: the average cost of a meter here has remained at about 76.7 thousand rubles. According to analysts www.irn.ru, stabilization of prices due to general trends in the housing market in the Moscow region, as well as maintaining the sentence structure in the 5-kilometer zone from Moscow.

Sufficiently homogeneous level of prices in new buildings near Moscow suggests that there is no division of this segment on the prestigious and less prestigious areas. According to irn.ru, cost apartment housing in the Moscow region is determined not so much a trend as the level of social and cultural development of settlement, degree of security of its infrastructure.

According to experts at Penny Lane Realty, in the long run the next 5 years, the situation in the suburban real estate market will look like. Economy Class will be presented cottage and holiday villages on the secondary market ("primary" in the economy generally has been and is in the form of plots without a contract). Builders are not profitable to build cheap settlements. But if the alleged state program will be implemented, the situation could change in the economy class will be a quality real estate in the primary market.

Business Class will be represented mainly by the primary real estate. The market return more developers may appear new developers. With a stable economy, a massive release of new cottage settlements business class can have for 2011-2012.

"According to our estimates, 1 half of 2011 will occur the final washout of quality supply in the primary market in the second half we expect to yield fresh projects. We know about the plans of several powerful developers who intend this year to launch their new settlements. If they cope with the design and will have time to release them in 2011, these projects will be able to literally blow up the market ", - predicts Dmitry Tsvetkov.

In the premium class will continue the domination of the secondary real estate. The main characteristic of elite housing is location, besides Zhukovka-Barvikha, too, not rubber, experts say.

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