Housing prices: versions of Realtors

20.12.2010 10:29
Real Estate Market Analysis | Housing prices: versions of Realtors  Realtors differ in assessing the real cost of housing, however, agree that the prices continue to fall and the market has not reached the "bottom". About the real situation with house prices, possible discounts and projections for 2011 experts described in the Internet discussion on the theme: "End of the Year at the secondary housing market," says League.

Housing prices: versions of Realtors

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According to the Association of Realtors (SSNU), the average cost per square meter second home in Kiev today $ 1881/kv.m. For comparison, on December 15, 2009 "square" was worth $ 1977, t.e.snizhenie was (-) 4.86%.

Room 1-room apartment with the averaged parameters of today, according to SSNU is $ 72,600, "Gostinka - $ 53,857, 2-room apartment - $ 99,484, a 3-room - $ 132 402. The minimum value of residential real estate in Kiev - $ 22 million (basement, Gostinka without kitchens, malometrazhki). Offers a more comfortable housing (Gostinka "with a separate kitchen), starts from $ 33-35 thousand

"There is a negative price expectations (-1.5% per month)," - stressed the head of Alexander SSNU Rubanov.

Very different data leads Association of Realtors (ASNU). "If we talk about an average index of the proposals, it looks like this: from $ 1800 to $ 2200 per sq ft," - said President Sergei ASNU Sinister.

With such price indices, for example, for a flat area of 36 square meters. m is about $ 64-79 thousand

According to him, the price proposals for 2010 have decreased by 4-6%. "But the prices of real transactions remained virtually the same. The size of" bargaining "has decreased. This ratio is known only to the real practice of realtors. Example: If a year ago apartment is offered for $ 120,000 and buy it to be over $ 100,000, today it is offered for $ 110,000 and sold for the same $ 100,000 ", - he stressed.

However, according to the "SV Development", for the period from January to December 2010 average selling price of 3.1 room apartments on the secondary market of Kiev has increased by 7,8% to $ 1800 per sq.m.

1. Pechersk district - an increase of 7.59% up to $ 2 863/kv.m.
2. Shevchenko district growth by 6.75% to $ 2 325/kv.m.
3. Obolonskyi area - an increase of 7.93% up to $ 1 837/kv.m.
4. Goloseevskiy district - an increase of 6.82% up to $ 1 786/kv.m.
5. Solomensky area - an increase of 6.36% up to $ 1 605/kv.m.
6. Podolsk district - an increase of 6.15% up to $ 1 640/kv.m.
7. Dnipro district - an increase of 9.53% up to $ 1 506/kv.m.
8. Svyatoshinsky area - an increase of 6.84% up to $ 1 483/kv.m.
9. Desnyanskiy area - an increase of 8.89% up to $ 1 433/kv.m.
10. Darnitskiy area - an increase of 8.76% up to $ 1 391/kv.m.

Thus, based on an assessment of the company, the apartment area of 36 square meters. m stands today at least $ 50 thousand

What discount you can "knock out"

Market representatives say that when buying a second home today, a buyer can expect discounts. However, the size of possible concessions - are different.

"According to some experts, the average discount can be about 16% of the asking prices - said the managing director of" ARPA Real Estate "Michael Artyukhov. - But this is just the average temperature in the hospital. It happens that the 50% discount does not justify the price transaction. "

Reasonable today may be called a discount of 10%, realtors say, but it might not be at all.

All very much depends on the specific object, says Mikhail Ermolenko, General Director of "Knight Frank LLC Ukraine". "We have customers that own apartments, which expose them to market and immediately say if the real buyers are willing to trade for 10-15% (that is 20%). There are customers who have already reduced the price as much as for They may, for example, for a quick sale. Maximum bargaining in this case 1-2%, "- he explained.

However, to offer its price in any case it is worth, says M. Ermolenko: "Seller will consider it and will reply to you a proposal on how he was ready to" move up ".

When will the next "bottom"

If you look at the actual price level, "secondary housing", another "bottom" in the market has not yet been reached, say realtors. "Within 10 months, prices in the secondary real estate market will decline by 1,2-1,7% per month" - said Alexander Bondarenko, chairman of the National Council of Realtor Chamber.

According to him, an additional argument for this conclusion is the general state of pricing in the primary real estate market. "We have an apartment. M in the primary market can be purchased for $ 1000 (8000 USD).. In normal countries the price on the secondary market is 20% higher than in the primary," - he adds.

The price on the secondary real estate market in Kiev should, according to estimates Bondarenko, make $ 1200 per sqm. m. Check the forecast in December 2011 ", - said the representative of the Chamber of Realtor.

But Arthur Pilipchuk, head of the Kiev branch ASNU, I am sure that the price "bottom" Kiev "secondary housing" was passed in March 2009. "Then the minimum cost of apartments in Kiev was 35 thousand cu In April 2009 there was a" kickback ", and the minimum cost has risen to 40 tys.u.e. At this level, she holds to this day", - stressed he said.

Experts believe that most prices will fall for expensive housing. But the economy segment of the decline will be less noticeable.

"Dwelling on the secondary market will be cheaper, and may fall to spring in price, but a maximum of 10%", - said Irina Kilkee, director of real estate agency "Inbuk.

According to her, at the moment very few buyers interested in the secondary market. "The fact that people have on hand is $ 30-50 thousand, they want to invest, and in the secondary market for such proposals do not. But there are plenty of new construction" home-type "up to 5 floors, the apartment of 20-40 sq ft , which rapidly emerged over the past 2 years "- said realtor.
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