Housing prices in the near future will be reduced

08.09.2010 10:00
Real Estate Market Analysis | Housing prices in the near future will be reduced Grand revival, which all summer had expected the domestic real estate market, with the onset of autumn has not happened. Transactions on sale and purchase of apartments continues to be the same low intensity mode, and price fluctuations are within 1%.

Experts predict that as soon as property prices have fallen slightly: not more than 1-2%. As for deals, they will, as always, will be the objects of primary and secondary market.

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At the Metropolitan, "secondary housing, the main factor is the purchase price. In the coming months, as now, the greatest demand will be in economy class apartments costing up to $ 65-75 thousand

In the primary market to make a decision in favor of buying an apartment affect three main factors: the degree of preparedness at home, its location and price. The degree of preparedness at home is probably the most important condition.

Promises to revive the "primary" mortgage renewal. According to the Association of Ukrainian Banks, over the past summer, the number of banks issuing loans to primary housing has nearly doubled - to 12 institutions. And this despite the fact that the market is "primary" is very risky for banks. Average real interest rate on mortgage loans on its "primary" for five years over the past three months fell by 0.49 percentage points - up to 22.37% per annum.

Recall that the number of banks providing mortgage loans in Ukraine as of 17 August comprised 23 banks. According to the Ukrainian National Mortgage Association, the interest rates on loans as a range from 11 to 28% pa in UAH, loan terms - from 3 to 20 years with an initial contribution of 30-60%.
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