Housing prices fall in Dnepropetrovsk

05.11.2010 12:07
Real Estate Market Analysis | Housing prices fall in Dnepropetrovsk But the cost of rented apartments continues to grow.

Autumn brought the Dnipropetrovsk real estate market wave of falling prices. Calling several real estate companies, we found that the secondary housing market a little cheaper, because buying an apartment now, nobody wants to Komsomolskaya Pravda.

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- Just over the past two weeks, prices have fallen a bit - says realtor with 10 years of experience, Valeria. - This is due to the fact that simply no one to buy houses, and those who want to quickly sell an apartment, reduce its cost to the limit. Also, I noticed a trend that the owners of three-bedroom apartments are increasingly seeking to sell their homes and buy a house outside the city. It is true that a large number of hunters to buy from them, these apartments are also not observed.

It turned out that the cheapest apartments are in Dnepropetrovsk in the w / m West. There malosemeyku can be purchased for 15 thousand dollars, and the most expensive area of the city is traditionally the center.

Major tenants - students
In contrast to the secondary housing market, rental apartments in Dnepropetrovsk inexorably becoming more expensive. So, if you have a studio in late summer can be removed only for 1300-1400 hryvnia per month, now on these prices no one remembers.

- The main tenants are still students who are looking for an apartment in the university town. Therefore, prices in these areas are simply going wild - from 2000 hryvnia for one-bedroom apartment - says Valentine, Realtor. - Naturally, an apartment on the right bank of Dnepropetrovsk more expensive apartments on the left bank of the city.

But the rent for an apartment "elite class" with design and repairs of various equipment surpasses 10,000 hryvnia, however, these flats do not enjoy great demand and often idle, or they put up for sale.

Most popular - cheap apartments. According to realtors, housing demand "economy class" is growing. By the principle of "what is cheaper - the better the citizens and removed, and buy homes.

The cost of apartments in Dnepropetrovsk:

* 1-bedroom. square-ra - from $ 25,000 to $ 35,000
* 2-bedroom. square-ra - from $ 38,000 to $ 45,000
* 3-bedroom. square-ra - from $ 40,000 to $ 100,000

How to pay for rent?

* Malosemeyka - from 1300 USD.
* 1-bedroom. square-ra - from 1800 USD.
* 2-bedroom. square-ra - from UAH 2000.
* 3-bedroom. square-ra - from 2200 USD.
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