Housing estates: the results of III quarter

25.11.2010 03:46
Real Estate Market Analysis | Housing estates: the results of III quarter Today we can talk about the gradual restoration of the suburban real estate market. Under construction for more than fifty sites in all segments of the market actively displays a new proposal. On the demand side, it is mostly concentrated in the segment is preparing a proposal to fully or partially built and occupied cities. Developers are hesitant to raise prices so far, only a segment of the elites of the cost of slightly increased. These data are presented in an analytical review of the suburban real estate market in Kiev, prepared by experts of the company Knight Frank LLC.

In the Kiev region, as at September 2010 is the construction of 54 cottage town. Primary sale of houses is carried out at 11 completed cottage town.

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In III quarter of suburban real estate market went eight new projects with a total potential capacity of 343 offers a cottage (the plot).
In all four campuses of new cottage economy class (Outdoor Village - Chervona Sloboda, Kolonschyna village, Plahtyanka), "Yablunivskie gardens) offer forms of land with utilities without a contract for construction.
Segment of the real estate business class was supplemented by three projects: Roslavichi "," New Village. Honey Hills »and Rancho Bolivar. Cottage town "Roslavichi" was released to the market already in the first stage of the project, which corresponds to the basic characteristics of demand - buying a fully built houses.
The elite suburban real estate increased by 22 homeownership at the expense of building a new cottage, Forest Eden. "

Traditionally, in July and August, during the summer holidays, there was a reduction of queries and views. Contrary to the expected activation of suburban real estate market in late August and September, the autumn recovery in the market is also not observed.
Despite the growing volume of supply, the interests of a few customers were still concentrated in several towns cottage offering built cottages, the relevant statements to the class in quality and other technical parameters.
As in the first half of 2010, demand in the III quarter was concentrated in a segment of ready-made proposals in whole or in part constructed and occupied towns. Limited supply of houses in the finished bonus sites resulted in increased competition from the secondary market, offering high-quality detached houses with a good finish.
Interest of buyers to the secondary market was recorded in segments of the business and economy. Reluctance of developers to develop the infrastructure of the claimed gradually reduces the interest of buyers to acquire houses in organized camps. Competitive become detached home ownership, are located in close proximity with the necessary infrastructure facilities with good road access and is surrounded by picturesque landscapes.
In the structure of demand, depending on location, preferences of consumers have remained stable: still leads Obukhov direction. Arouse interest and cottage villages along the highways of Zhitomir and Odessa.
Because of the low activity of buyers throughout the summer estate developers are not decided on a traditional seasonal rise in prices in September.
Virtually all campuses are actively advertised different installments and discounts to stimulate sales. In fact, the programs offered in most villages are only valid for the unfinished houses. For the right to pay the finished cottage in several tranches to the buyer will have to pay an additional 15-17% per annum on the balance of payment.

Prices and Dynamics
Prices during July-August 2010 has remained stable. Minor price fluctuations during this period were the result of changes in the structure of supply due to the release of new projects and sell the most liquid objects.
The absence of the expected activation of the demand in September has caused price dumping virtually all segments of the suburban real estate market. The exceptions are the elite cottage villages, where average prices have shown a slight increase due to the sale of the cheapest houses and the growth of minimum prices for items.
In this class, there is strong demand for two cottage town - "Sun Valley" and "Maetok. Pearl of Italy ", in which for the summer-autumn period was sold the largest number of households.
Lack of sufficient supply of houses built in the cottage, as well as large areas of houses resulted in price dumping developers both in business and economy.
The September drop in average prices in business class was due to direct price reduction proposals in a number of cottage townships. Most developers have reduced the price by 5-10%, although in some sites the owners have gone to 45% discounts to customers, trying to implement a large-area houses. More than just sunk the price of the home area of 400 square meters. m
Prices for suburban real estate economy class during the July-September showed the largest drop in comparison with other segments of the suburban housing - 6.6% by June 2010. Showed a decrease in maximum prices for economy-class home ownership, and minimal - some developers put up for sale a partially finished home ownership at a lower cost.
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