Housing estates for the middle class became more attractive

01.11.2010 11:00
Real Estate Market Analysis | Housing estates for the middle class became more attractive Today, business-class townships are the most extensive segment of the suburban market. During financial crisis, the price of the proposal in such settlements fell more than others. And although in 2010 began a smooth increase in prices of housing in the villages of business class remains one of the most attractive in the country market.

"Business" - the most extensive class suburban housing, where fall homeownership - areas with ready or under construction homes in the price plug from 10 to 30 million rubles. However, according to some experts the magazine www.metrinfo.ru, plots with houses at a price of 10 million rubles. and a little more expensive and can be located in settlements of class Economy +.

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How many?
According to Igor Zaugolnikova, Director of Marketing Communications RODEX GROUP, for this price range represents about 47% of the market towns. "That's about 400 sites of 820" - he explains. Similar figures - 40% of all proposals and called Valery Mishchenko, Chairman of the Board of Directors Kaskad Family. "We estimate that 10-30 million rubles, about 50% of sentences in a segment of" ready-made home, some 40% in a segment of "areas with contract", - said Alexander Dubovenko, development director of Good Wood (GOOD WOOD) .

Where are they?
As noted by Igor Zaugolnikov (RODEX GROUP), business-class towns are represented on all fronts, but occupy a leading position: Novorizhskoye, Dmitrov, Kaluga, Yaroslavl and Kiev highway. And the New Riga ahead of all other directions, and offers similar facilities in 2,5 times more. Experts estimate that in all these areas share price range of projects from 10 to 30 million rubles. constitute about 50%, only 34% of Kiev, and the Rublevsky highway - only 12%.

Valery Mishchenko (Kaskad Family), believes that the recently received a serious development and direction of Kashirsky to Yaroslavl highway through the western semicircle. In the east and south-east region - towns business class represented in the unit until the calculus - said Alexey Kudryavtsev, director of marketing management company "Volga problem."

As the expert added, virtually all the proposals are in the thirty-kilometer zone around Moscow. However, now there are suggestions and individual interest to us, the price category in the format of the far cottages. For example, a villa community FXOpen is located on the Volga River, 170 km from Moscow. It suggests areas with ready-made buildings worth of 9 million rubles.

The most interesting settlements
The variety represented towns, you can also find and is almost ready homes, and at different stages of construction. Assessment Igor Zaugolnikova (RODEX GROUP), if we consider all settlements price range of 10 to 30 million rubles., Then 23% of projects will be in the final stages of construction, about 47% of villages - at the stage of 30-70% ready, the rest - in initially.

For example, over 30 million rubles, you can buy a house with a total area of 200 sq ft on a site approximately 12 acres, in the village with an extensive recreational area, a shopping complex and a kindergarten in a radius of 15 km from Moscow, but at the Simferopol direction. In the New Riga for 30 million rubles. buyer will receive the house of 400 sq.m area of about 30 hectare in a radius of 30 km from Moscow.

Dmitry Taganov, head of the analytical center corporation "INCOM" singled out "Glagolev Park, located 35 km to the Kiev highway. In the settlement of business-class sections are offered with contract size from 3.5 to 30 hectare and houses from 165 to 500 sq.m. with all utilities at prices ranging from 7,2 to 53,7 million rubles. In the village constructed a shopping and entertainment center with a fitness club, swimming pool, restaurant, supermarket and a spa. The settlement is designed for 330 houses many of which have already been sold.

Another example of a successful project township business class - "Nikolsky Lake, located 32 km from the capital city of Kaluga highway. They offer parts, as with the contract, and without it the area from 8,2 to 25,5 hectare. Acquiring land at prices ranging from 2.5 to 26.9 million rubles, the owner not only gets the land, and in the case of a row - a house (from 162 to 345 square meters), but all central communications, and infrastructure development with the beach area, cafe, sports and playgrounds.

"No less popular estates Biosphere (75 km Simferopol highway) Martemianovo (24 km Kiev highway)," Turgenev problem "(80 km Yaroslavl highway)", - says Dmitry Taganov (INCOM)

Ekaterina Orlova, a deputy general director of AES-development ", said the settlement" Eden ", located 37 kilometers from Moscow. The village is almost all sold out and built up, the majority of households at the stage of finishing. Since the village already has all the communication is framed land for private habitation, provided infrastructure, security, etc. - He has earned belongs to the category of liquidity facilities. Now there is a very quick sell out the remaining houses. Price objects households - from 10 million to 31 million rubles.

Price lists and prices: decline, but not everywhere
The financial crisis has changed the price on a suburban market suburbs. According to observations by Dmitry Taganova (INCOM), if before the crisis to the customers offers business-class could classify people with 17-30 million rubles - an amount that allows you to purchase rather expensive suburban sites of any size ranging from 15 to 30 km from Moscow, for today the objects with similar characteristics can already buy at prices ranging from 10 to 25 million rubles. "This includes not only homes but also townhouses and plots with contract to house 150 to 300 sq ft," - he adds.

According to Valery Mishchenko (Kaskad Family), the objects of the business class prices in 2010 were corrected not so much, even though the 2009 decline in the average value was 30%. "Objects that are now being sold in the region of 20-30 million rubles before the crisis were worth 30 million rubles," - he says.

And according to Tatiana Alekseeva, head of research at Vesco Consulting, as a whole in the post-crisis period, the value on the objects in a cottage village business class was reduced by 10-20%.

However, as explained to us Igor Zaugolnikov (RODEX GROUP), objects that were in the final stages of construction at a cost of almost not changed since finished houses in the villages are ready - it's a liquid product.

"In the primary market there were cases when some owners of very high quality and particularly in demand of real estate have decided not to lower prices - says Ekaterina Orlova (" AES-Development "). However, not everyone who followed this path were financial capacity to withstand a period of time, so in 2010 there were cases when a couple of weeks the owner lowered the price by 50% by selling a few objects that are returned to the original price level.

Another example of exceptions to general rules led Liudmila Ezhova, CEO of Terra Real Estate ": the period of economic recession continued to finish building the developers started projects at their own expense. Now, when the market began to be traced and the lack of completed quality projects suburban real estate, they have benefited.

Many of our experts pointed out that now the cost of houses is slowly starting to grow. "The average price increase for the segment was not more than 5%", - says Alexey Kudryavtsev ("Volga problem").

Long-awaited schools and kindergartens
Pursuing a project promotion of cottage settlements higher price segment and business class, many developers have focused on infrastructure. And it is worth noting that the infrastructure component, in particular - kindergartens and schools for many buyers is a significant, if not a decisive argument in favor of the purchase.

For example, in the cottage "Svetlogorye on Novorizhskoye highway, 38 km from Moscow, where it is assumed the construction of 300 houses and duplexes will run a kindergarten and primary school. In the village of «Papillon» at the Gorky highway, 17 km from Moscow, designed for 390 households with plots of 5 to 40 acres, there are two kindergartens and primary schools. In the village of Pavlovo, 14 km from Moscow on Novorizhskoe direction is already working Pavlovian school, which opened on September 1, 2009 in the village Knyazhye Lake (24 km from Moscow Novorizhskoe sh-e.) Is a school and a kindergarten.

But, of course, the infrastructural facilities are being built not in all towns. Experts attribute this to the real estate market in many ways.

Samir Jafarov, commercial director of 1911 Invest:

Construction of infrastructure facilities, which include schools and kindergartens, it is useful in large multi-format projects. In general, the market, today there is a decrease of infrastructural component, as a highly infrastructure, as a rule, considerably increases the cost of the project cost, and increases the cost of maintenance payments.

Outer suburban areas as infrastructure, advanced call difficult. But already there were instances where the developer's own funds financed the construction of facilities designed in both domestic and foreign users.

Liudmila Ezhova, CEO of Terra-Real Estate:

Chamber villages (up to 20 houses), as a rule, do not require infrastructure, except for children's and sports playgrounds. And in the villages and 100 households have the necessary facilities to rest and leisure (cafes, restaurants), mini market, pharmacy, perhaps, a sports complex, as well as recreation area, including walking paths, gazebos, etc.

For major projects in the 100-300 houses would be required and a kindergarten and a supermarket, and the projects in which more than 300 homes - own schools, health centers, etc. The larger the project, the richer should be infrastructure.

On average, the share of expenditure on infrastructure in the amount of the total cost is 7-12%. Costs of subsequent maintenance fall, as a rule, already on the tenants, who in turn charge fees to visitors. If the infrastructure can only be residents of the village, the content of such infrastructures, usually falls on the residents of the village and is included in your monthly payments.

Ekaterina Orlova, a deputy general director of AES-Development:

To build schools and kindergartens, in the village should be a lot of residents with children, and hence the village itself has to be big, but for business class is not the most characteristic feature. Objects need not all residents, that is, in fact will contain only part of the tenants. Further, the very different requirements, particularly to schools.

The most ideal - it's vice versa, to build the village close to the school. For example, "Turar" - a settlement of business-class, in the immediate vicinity is a good school - Russian International School.

Another great option for villages with a permanent residence - this is a children's room. Costs of course are not as expensive as building a kindergarten, a room can be equipped at a community center, which is in many townships in business class. For example, in the village of "Eden" by settling all the tenants in the community center will open a nursery, as well as medical office.

Alexey Kudryavtsev, Director of Marketing UK "Volga problem":

The vast majority of such facilities placed in villages that are located near Moscow's most prestigious areas. For example, - in every third village on the Rublyovo-Uspensky highway. In this direction can be seen as a mini-kindergarten, and a branch of the university.

As a rule, constructed a large-scale settlement in the infrastructure which exists / exist kindergartens and educational institutions. At 5-10-minute distance from it to develop other settlements that are not included in its infrastructure facilities such as infrastructure, use a neighboring village.

This package prepares proposals and development projects of the company "Volga problem" there are villages in which we are planning to placement of child mini-garden. We are talking about integrated development projects, which will ensure occupancy of the season due to high volumes.

Dubovenko Alexander, development director of Good Wood (GOOD WOOD):

At the moment, in the Moscow area private schools and kindergartens almost unprofitable. Reasons are many, and they are not connected with the development, as with the education system, with competition from the free schools, with the mentality. In the few elite settlements, private schools exist, for example, in the village of "Green Cape" (Dmitrovskoe), "Paul's" (New Riga). These are the two most famous schools. Price tag for tuition - at 2000 euros per month and registration fee - EUR 30 000.

Valery Mishchenko, Chairman of the Board of Directors Kaskad Family:

Virtually any project which is located at a distance of 30 km from Moscow, implying residence residents, provides a school or kindergarten. But not a fact that caused the sketch master plan for social infrastructure will be built. Plans plans and actual funding for the creation of such an object - an issue that is usually in treaties signed between the buyer and the builder is not regulated.

Virtually any project which is located at a distance of 30 km from Moscow, implying residence residents, provides a school or kindergarten. But not a fact that caused the sketch master plan for social infrastructure will be built. Plans plans and actual funding for the creation of such an object - an issue that is usually in treaties signed between the buyer and the builder is not regulated.

Requirements for the construction of a kindergarten or school in a cottage settlement in accordance with building regulations due to the number of residents who live in the village. Accordingly, in this case, for every thousand inhabitants should have 35 seats in the preschool and 130 seats in the schools.

And just in case next to the cottage communities are schools or kindergartens, which are not loaded, you can obtain the written consent of these schools and kindergartens in order to avoid creating social infrastructure in their own village. This is a general rule, but if you create a unique kind of school or private school with a unique training programs, then of course such a school is better to build in places where troops can pay for expensive services.
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