Home near Kiev will go up only after a year

10.09.2010 07:36
Real Estate Market Analysis | Home near Kiev will go up only after a year Home near Kiev will go up only after a year, experts predict, is not related to the sale of real estate, wrote Focus.

About this Deputy Council of the Ukrainian Society of Appraisers Natalia Lebed, wrote Focus.

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According to her, today it is very doubtful look of Realtors predictions about the future rise in price of country houses. "As for the price rise buildings, it can wait only a year," - she says.

Experts agree that today's suburban real estate market there is more excitement than the land market. It is true that buyers are only interested in the cheapest deals - villas costing up to $ 30 thousand

President, Association of Land Union Andriy Koshil assures that the real recovery in the market, but there is only the buyers' interest, which comes without a deal.

"There is no demand for a huge number thrown on the market for large unfinished houses. These houses are usually erected for resale, hoping to cash in on the price difference. But the crisis did not finish building them, as prices have fallen by 70% and no longer covered the cost of construction. In addition, many built homes on credit "- says Koshil.

In the Kiev area prices remain "snappy," so people of Kiev in no hurry to acquire new homes. For example, in the village Gatnoe Kiev Sviatoshynsky area behind the house ready to ask for 60% of $ 145 thousand And Vyshgorodsky area for several months to sell 80% built cottage for $ 550 thousand

Incidentally, contrary to predictions, did not resist and have always been rather stable segment is very large and expensive houses the VIP level in prestigious areas. And it's not that potential buyers out of money, but that ended in themselves the potential buyers. Most wealthy people have already got homes, and the flow of fresh "new Ukrainians" prevented the crisis, says Andrew Koshil.

As previously reported, the cost of housing in Kyiv until the fall of 2010 will be adjusted upwards only in the rate of inflation.
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