Foreign real estate affordable: what can be bought for 25 thousand, 100 thousand and 200 thousand euros?

03.09.2010 10:30
Real Estate Market Analysis | Foreign real estate affordable: what can be bought for 25 thousand, 100 thousand and 200 thousand euros? We are all strapped for cash. This, unfortunately, a universal rule, it works always and everywhere. People who choose their any thing, do not buy the most expensive not because they can not appreciate his positive qualities, but because far more prosaic: denezhek no. Russians who buy real estate abroad, are no exception - they also have to be guided by considerations of price.

"Roots" cheapness
What is the minimum amount, which generally make sense to go to market "zarubezhki"? Accurate and clear answer to this question, despite its simplicity, it is impossible. First and foremost, of course, because different countries at different market prices. For example, in speaking of cheap accommodation in Spain, Natalia Mishurova, manager of the department of real estate abroad, the company "Gulf Stream", describes the amount of 35 thousand euros - so much, she says, is "arrested in real estate is not the best areas of Torrevieja, is not on the seafront and requiring major repairs. Somewhere in Bulgaria with about the same amount you'll feel like a king. At the prestigious Sunny Beach to 37200 euros can buy a studio in the 55 square meters. m - it will be in a new residential complex with swimming pool and playground, with a panoramic sea view (data Stanislaus Singel, President of the International Real Estate Agency Gordon Rock). Is it worth the same 35 "Euroton" move to the French Riviera (prices start at 12-15 euros per thousand square meters. M) - and we have an unpleasant surprise understand that we really afford that doghouse.

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The second point - the location of the object. Most of the apartments purchased by the Russians (and any foreigners) are classified as "resort real estate. Accordingly, for these highly valued parameters such as distance to the sea and the view from the window. Dramatically increase the path to the beach (and is 4-5 km, and even 10-15, which, of course, excludes the possibility of walking distance), we can just as drastically reduce the price.

I like it personally to you - God forbid! But it must be remembered that one of the most useful qualities of real estate is liquidity, ie, in case of need to sell quickly. I object to that "three days on the deer, liquidity bad. "Buy them, you must understand that it is often frozen money" - Natalia categorical Zavalishin, CEO of MIEL-Distant Property Management ».

Another "reserve price" is associated with quality. In addition to flats and apartments in modern LCD equipped with all necessary infrastructure, in every country there are old and poor housing. "Over 20 thousand euro can be found in almost all the slums of the world, even in the U.S. and Europe - is sure Denis Evseev, Managing Partner, KINGSLAND. - But in this case you do not buy property, and problems, which eventually will become more and more ". Low quality, by the way, may be a new object - if the developer built them with a dubious reputation. Finally, the problem of "quality" may relate to the very builder: selecting (again for reasons of economy), the object under construction, you can run into a construction company, which promised but did not. Clarify the relationship with these "business entities" in the court is not easy, even in Russia (you - a full-fledged citizen, know perfectly the language, can easily come to the court for an hour), and that really there to talk about life abroad.

And the last of the "cheap". Abroad, unfortunately, not less, than we have extended this "form of work" as advertising with a low price. "In Antalya, some companies are offering the apartment for 25 thousand euros, but when they are addressed, they say that the object" just yesterday "purchased - tells Anastasia Bakulin, senior manager of sales department EKOL Construction Investment. - Still on sale for 40 thousand I do not know whether it helps them increase sales, but, in my opinion, it is not very honest.

What we buy for the bare minimum - from 10 thousand euros?
Still, what price and in which countries can be considered minimal today? "I personally know someone who recently purchased a small, but very decent house near Leipzig for 15 thousand euros - said Anastasia Duderova, head of foreign real estate company's Delta estate. - The service, he is often in Germany, so these properties will be used as a time for myself, and for the seasonal holidays for the whole family. If proximity to the sea and major European cities are not very concerned about the buyer, then find an inexpensive option in some depressed areas of the country is quite possible, even for 10 thousand euros. "

As for the full "resort" options, then our experts advised focus on the amount of 20 thousand euros. "In Bulgaria (one of the most popular countries) for that amount you can buy an apartment in Sunny Beach, - says Anna Kasimov, Sales company - Yes, it will not be the first line of the sea, but you get a full property. Over $ 30 thousand euro, continuing an expert, you can buy an apartment in Thailand. The apartment is not very big and most likely in a newly built complex, which will pass only in 2011-12, respectively. On the other hand will have the opportunity to swim in the ocean year round.

In Egypt, says Stanislav Singel (Gordon Rock), prices in the LCD closed by the sea in the north of Hurghada start at $ 25 thousand in Turkey in the LCD in Antalya (next to the sea, swimming pools in general and for children, a fitness center with Jacuzzi and sauna ) 30-meter apartment with a full finish will cost from $ 37 thousand in Greece (Halkidiki) 1-bedroom apartment of 50-70 sq. m in the LCD at a distance of 500 m from the sea is 42-60 thousand Euro.

Raise the bar: up to 100 thousand euros ...
In such a much more solid budget possibility buyer significantly expanded. You can select the property in the already mentioned countries - but, of course, it will have a qualitatively other objects. "In Bulgaria, for 70 thousand euro offer one bedroom apartments (ie, by our standards, doubles) at 200 m from the sea, - says Natalya Zavalishin (MIEL-DPM»). - In Turkey, for the money in some cases, you can count on the housing and two bedrooms.

Or you could "expand the geography, coming on the market in other countries. Thus, according to Natalia Zavalishin, for a given budget are available one bedroom apartments in Calabria (southern Italy). It is possible to buy small flats on the outskirts of Prague. Available and the studio is not the most prestigious areas of German in Berlin and D?sseldorf.

"In Cyprus, - said Sergei Demchenko, Director of Business Development Lemestia Group, - named for the money offered one bedroom apartments (54-60 square meters. M) in the finished complex just 800 meters from the sea in Paphos or Ayia Napa. Also in this budget we can offer a small shop (60 square meters. M) in the area of Paphos, 200 meters from the sea. "

Denis Evseev (KINGSLAND) recommends purchasing in Spain, but adds that, in principle, such a sum can buy a small (17 square meters. M) studio in the Alps in France. Or bungalow on Goa or Thailand ". Catherine Bekarevich ( says the house in Finland or the USA.

... And up to 200 thousand euros
For more respectable budget (for example, 200 thousand euros - this, incidentally, not a god knows what great money by the standards of Moscow real estate market), our horizons expanded even more. Aside from the extensive development "(the country are the same, only grows footage and convenience), we can find something fundamentally new. For example, says Elena Yurgeneva, Director of the Department of elite real estate company Knight Frank, in the Algarve (Portugal) in the new LCD offers apartments with 1-3 bedrooms. Their value - from 200 thousand euros.

There is an opportunity to go to Italy - but not in Calabria (the cheapest in the region of the country today), and in a place far more prestigious, such as in Tuscany. The new LCD 50 km from Florence The apartment of 60 square meters. m. The complex infrastructure includes a swimming pool and fitness room. Price - 185 thousand euros.

And finally, it is permissible to go to the most likely attractive to foreign countries - Great Britain. In any case, it is there in large numbers (if there's this phrase is applicable) are sent to the Russian oligarchs. Of course, 200 "tons EUREKA" does not allow you to worm his way into the neighbors to Roman Arkadievich, but something can be a decent buy. For example, a home for the holidays in Sherborne (south-west of the country). The new complex is located in the quiet countryside with stunning views. House for 2-3 bedrooms with a private car park available for 165 thousand pounds. Or flat in 42-47 square meters. m, finishing in a modern residential complex in the heart of Birmingham - over 150 thousand pounds sterling.

Do not forget about the additional spending
Traditionally, our people, having in his pocket some "X amount", believe that it was her they could buy property. By pushing the Russian realities, where taxes on the acquisition are not available, a state tax is a symbolic sum of 1000 rubles. In many foreign countries differently - there is the acquisition would have to pay considerably more than is written on the price list.

"For example, in Italy or France, the additional cost could reach 10-14% of the amount of real estate - warns Natalia Zavalishin (MIEL-DPM»). - This is the VAT, a lawyer, notary, translator, etc. ". "In Cyprus, - says Sergei Demchenko (Lemestia Group), to the purchase price must be added to payment of stamp duty for registration of the contract in the amount of 0,15-0,2% of property value. But there is much more substantial spending: tax on transfer of ownership, ranging from 3% to 8% of property value. In practice, the title is issued by the State within 3-5 years after completion of the facility, so that the owner has the opportunity to accumulate the necessary funds.

In general, different countries, spending on them too, and their size may be the subject of a separate discussion. But in general, concludes Anastasia Duderova (Delta estate), must be prepared to ensure that the purchase would have to pay another 9-13% of property value.
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