Forecast of development of the property market

25.11.2010 08:57
Real Estate Market Analysis | Forecast of development of the property market Next year may be minor fluctuations in the value of real estate. But only in certain market segments, and then - temporarily.

Realtors say that this year the cost per square meter of housing in the primary market declined on average by 4-5%. Falling prices in the secondary market a little more significant - approximately 6-7%. Today the special conditions for abrupt changes in market conditions real estate professionals do not see.

"Such a situation when prices fall by 30% to 15% - will be gone. The next year - a year of continued stagnation and gradual equalization rates. And here, again, again, it all depends on how the economy will work, whether massively introduced new high-quality mortgage products for the citizens ", - the expert believes the real estate market, Vladimir Herman.
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