For the third quarter the cost of a property in Spain fell by 1,3%

14.10.2010 00:07
Real Estate Market Analysis | For the third quarter the cost of a property in Spain fell by 1,3% According to data provided by the specialists of the leading real estate portal Spain report "Real Estate in the third quarter of 2010," the average cost of housing in Spain is 2,289 euros per square meter (? / m2), which means reducing the average cost of real estate over the past three months at 1 , 3% ...

In the autonomous community of Madrid in the third quarter of 2010, average property prices fell by 1.1%, resulting in house prices in September this year amounted to 3,028 ? / m2. At the same Madrid, the cost of housing has remained almost unchanged at 3,561 ? / m2, which means lower prices by 0,1%.

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Only in 13 municipalities of Spain closed the quarter with a positive change in property prices. In other cities, where an analysis of housing prices, property values have not declined by more than -3.5%, only in El Escorial fall in prices was -5.1%.

In the third quarter of 2010, value of property in Catalonia fell by 1.3%, which in monetary terms was in September 3027 ? / m2. In Barcelona, the rate of decline in house prices slowed slightly in the last three months, resulting in a decrease in property values over the last three months amounted to 0,4%.

By comparing current prices with those that have been recorded here a year ago, we can say the outlined market stabilization, because change in value is only 0.1%. In the eleven major cities of the Autonomous Communities of Spain the cost of housing increased, while only one price remain unchanged.

In the Valencian Community quarterly price change was -2.2%, resulting in the average value of the property there was 1786 ? / m2. In itself, of Valencia, where the average cost of housing is equal to 2224 ? / m2, a situation analogous to that which exists in Madrid and Barcelona, where despite a decline in quarterly prices of -1.5% compared with August of 2010 in September, prices rose by 0,2%, but compared to September 2009 remained unchanged (0.0%), which also indicates the stabilization of prices.

In the eleven provinces of Spain increased sales of housing

Analyzing housing prices in major cities of Spanish provinces, it becomes apparent that in 11 of these quarter ended lower cost, and only one of them, prices have remained unchanged.

Among the provinces, where for the third quarter of 2010, housing cheaper, just 13, in which a decline of up to -1.0% (Leida, Valladolid, Jaen, Madrid, Barcelona, Palencia, Ciudad Real, C?rdoba, Huesca, Oviedo, Salamanca , Almeria and Caceres), 15 provinces, with a decrease in the average value of -1.0% to -3.0% (Cadiz, Castellon de la Plana, Malaga, Logrono, Sevilla, Valencia, Murcia, Zamora, Zaragoza, Palma de Mallorca, A Coru?a, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Santander, Alicante and Huelva) and only two with a decrease in price by more than -3% (Girona / Girona with exponent -3.4% and Tarragona with exponent -4.0%).

According to the real estate department of company "Gulf Stream" and the site most expensive real estate among the central cities of Spain in San Sebastian (5466 ? / m2) and Barcelona (4158 ? / m2), while the cheapest Accommodation offer in Huelva (1740 ? / m2) and Leide (1816 ? / m2).

The most expensive real estate is still in Madrid and Barcelona

According to the latest report by experts «Real Estate in the third quarter of 2010," the 10 areas with the most expensive housing, 5 are located in Madrid, and the remaining 5 - in Barcelona. The most expensive areas, where housing costs exceed 6,000 ? / m2, are the Pedralbes, Sarria (6370 ? / m2), Sarah and Tres Torres Valvidrera (6193 ? / m2), and Salamanca-Goya-Recoletos (6 096 ? / m2).

Among all the regions highlights Ispanoamerika Rio III (Madrid) and the Montjuic - La Marina (Barcelona) in connection with the fact that in the last quarter housing prices in these areas increased by 7,6% and 6,2% respectively.
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