For Luxury real estate will always be elite prices

17.06.2011 01:30
Real Estate Market Analysis | For Luxury real estate will always be elite prices Luxury real estate has always been price. For her, the crisis - not essential, it is always a lot of money. Analysis of market trends over the past 10 years, and in particular, a detailed analysis of market indicators during periods of crisis from 1998-2001. and 2008-2011. make it possible to deduce a pattern: the elite real estate will always be "luxury" prices, said Hope Shevchenko, CEO of Aurora Development.

Selection criteria. The larger the object corresponds to a certain "standard of elitism," the less susceptible to market fluctuations, the higher is its liquidity. Price per square meter for a segment of the elite has never been a dominant factor. The main criterion for choosing a buyer is exclusive and klubnost.

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The global financial crisis, of course, affects the elite, but not so extensively as in the economy and business class. Luxury housing - it is primarily single exclusive projects and prestigious location, where the high price determines the high status of the owner. Of course, prices were down here, but in most cases - this is not the main condition for the demand for facilities. Cheaper property, positioned in the top segment, but clearly not up to the status of "elite".

Settings that define the class. Call attention to the general parameters of forming a class as their degree of influence on the exclusivity of the object: location, location, and once more place. It is foolish to build an elite facility in the wrong place, as well as lower class and in the prestigious location of the object. Under the lower class is meant not declared by the class of the building, but its true quality characteristics (unique architecture, quality materials, engineering, the corresponding time in which we live, specific characteristics, the presence of local area, and the overall image of the surrounding buildings).

"All is not gold that glitters." Do we know many objects in Kiev, which may correspond vysheprechislenym parameters? Maximum of 5 or 10 (and it is a matter of dispute whether they are close to these parameters).

The situation is similar to objects in "Tsarskoe Selo", both commercial and residential. And how many, for example, proposals for the sale of commercial real estate, we have seen in the arcade? Not many people wishing to sell items for $ 20-25 thousand for 1 square. m

The conclusion from the above is as follows: number of sites is very limited for the construction of luxury objects. A race for profit is very, very little idea of ??encouraging build-quality housing. Now the market of elite housing is more like saying "all is not gold that glitters," and many potential buyers are aware of this.
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