For cheap new buildings Ride in Chernihiv region, and the roads - in the Crimea

25.02.2011 00:05
Real Estate Market Analysis | For cheap new buildings Ride in Chernihiv region, and the roads - in the Crimea Consulting company "RealEkspo" (Kiev) has monitored 375 new buildings in 19 suburban regions of Ukraine. Said director of the company RealEkspo Viktor Kovalenkovo time business meetings on February 24, devoted to the residential and suburban real estate.

In early 2010, based portal were 334 new buildings, new building that is 41 or 12.27% more than in January 2010.

According to the director Victor Kovalenko, "as at 24 February 2011 championship on the number of new buildings takes Crimea with 184 buildings.
Second place confidently takes Kyiv region with 133 new buildings, compared with 108 new buildings at the beginning of the year. An increase of 23.14% (25 buildings).
Third place in the Lviv region - 18 new buildings, compared with 14 new buildings at the beginning of the year (28.57%).

Of the 375 newly suburban Ukraine 88 new buildings were put into operation, but they still have rooms and apartments for sale, 262 new buildings are under construction and sales, 26 new buildings - proektiruyutchis-encountered.

46 frozen objects of 375 new buildings, but it is only 12.26% said that builders and developers have invested, will try to finish the construction with the shift timing of commissioning.

Victor Kovalenko said: "The minimum price for suburban buildings in Ukraine begins with $ 400 per square meter per Bobrovitsa Chernihiv region, while the maximum reaches 10,000 dollars for a" square "in an elite residential complex" Golden Beach "(Kurpaty, Crimea).

Average price of 1 square meter in the suburban new buildings of Ukraine in view of the Crimea at 2.24 in 2011 is 1,258 dollars. In comparison with January 2010 the value of the square fell by 192 dollars, or 13.25%.

At an average cost per square meter lead Crimea 1701 (1821) dollars., And closes the list of Chernihiv region to $ 400 per "square".

It should be noted that the mean square value decreased by 5.18% in new buildings of the Kiev region and 1.68% in the Odessa region, in the Donetsk region price increased by 13% and in the Carpathian by 9%.
Victor Kovalenko
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