Feminine face of real estate transactions

01.11.2010 07:07
Traditionally, home buyers in Moscow are men. Recently, however, the situation began to change rapidly. After analyzing the structure of supply and demand, as well as counting all the committed transactions, the experts concluded that the 10 real estate deals done in April with the participation of women.<br /><br />The fruits of emancipation<br />In general, all of that and moving. The woman no longer wants to be just a housewife and a keeper of the family hearth. A successful career or a business made many ladies practically independent of the male purse. Including the financial crisis, when the earnings of the male population have fallen markedly, and many brave boys were out of work altogether, forcing women to do business, not farming. Incidentally, of all entrepreneurs in every four - a woman. Every third part of the senior managers of successful companies. And the trend is to obtain the status of business-woman will only increase. It is not surprising that a woman as the buyer keeps popping up on the real estate market. Number of real estate transactions, committed by women, according to experts, has been increasing with the onset of the crisis and continues to grow. If in 2007 the share of men accounted for 73% of the deals with housing, but today is about 40% of representatives of "weak" floor ready yourself to acquire urban flats, apartments, cottages and villas. In this case, it is not about the second half of the couple, namely, the fully independent woman of the buyer.<br /><br />Age and profession<br />The structure of the "female" part of the real estate market looks much older men. If almost 80% of transactions performed 30-50-year-old man, then the proportion of women aged 41 to 57 years account for 26% of all purchases in Moscow, aged 25 to 40 years only 7%. Another 2% of transactions carried out an excellent representative of half the age of 18 to 24 years and 4% - mature ladies already of retirement age.<br /><br />"Today, as before, the more expensive segments of the buyer prevails man - says Sergey Migunov, Head of Marketing and Development group of companies" Conti. " - The cheaper segment, the more the buyers of women. The example of our facilities, and it projects the business and the elite class, the proportion of buyers of women and men expressed as 30 to 70.<br /><br />Women who commit the transaction in real estate can be divided into two types: independent customer, the wife of wealthy men. First of all nothing: about 10%. In most cases executives, managers, lawyers, financiers, in the age group from 30 to 50 years and with an income of $ 5000-10 000, and sometimes higher. Almost every one of them already has a car at least business class. "In the luxury segment, the majority of shoppers stand in the face of business ladies, business owners, 35 years - shares his observations of George Dzagurov, CEO of Penny Lane Realty. - For women living alone, it is an incredible rarity among the buyers. Apparently, and for independent businesswoman presence of a spouse is a definite attribute of success. "<br /><br />"Nevertheless, those who fall into the category of" women shoppers ", - says Irina Mogilatova, CEO of TWEED, - can also be divided into two types: who has the full right to make independent decisions, and those where the last word belongs to the spouse. Buying process "dependent" women consists of viewing the proposed options. They can choose an apartment for a long time, sift the fact that "love is not very" and "do not like, but the final decision in any case will take a man. With such customer has to work harder in all: can be enumerated a dozen other objects, and as a result of the husband stops his gaze to the other variant is committed. "<br /><br />Emotion and determination<br />For the recognition of Realtors, women are more emotional, it is important not only as a result of the purchase, but at the same time a sense of joy or full of frustration they are experiencing in the selection process. Very often, the fairer sex, who make independent purchasing, pay attention to how he relates to broker their views and needs, respectively, require him active participation in the process. So for a realtor to work with a woman sometimes turns into considerable moral power consumption.<br /><br />Wives also delegated to the family and are entitled to independently make a final decision is, for many real estate agents are very comfortable option. "These ladies - says Irina Mogilatova - usually even more decisive in the choice of real estate than men. At least they better represent what you need family and the demands of their more structured. And if there is an option that suits them and the like, they are not exchanged for something else. "<br /><br />"Women and men-buyers are completely different approaches as to the selection process, and to buying a home, - says Irina Strizhova, Director of Sales and Marketing Tower Mercury City. - And most importantly, perhaps, that the lady if she is not a businessman and does not occupy high positions, much less tied to the time during which looks for the best option for her. Therefore, persistence will examine all the objects until such time until he finds exactly what her suit. Secondly, the woman pays more attention to the characteristics of the house, she was concerned how the quality of construction and the environment: whether there is in the future place of residence green spaces, parks and shops. Third, in contrast to men, a woman will try to clarify the question of the adequacy of its neighbors. And even in the least it will disturb their social position and status, which always takes into consideration when buying real estate, the stronger sex. "<br /><br />To all the advantages already mentioned it is worth adding that the woman in her natural essence of a more pragmatic and cares for money. She will always seek the maximum possible discount on its interesting option. The man, having found something that was planned in his dreams, ready to sacrifice a much greater amount than previously planned. Finally, a rare woman does not forget to ask the history of the apartment, which she plans to buy: those who lived before, if not crazy, not criminals? And if housing somehow been associated with crime or apartment for sale, in which it was murder, she, with all the other advantages of the object, it will never buy it. As a rule, men care about such details as a last resort. "And even when viewed from apartments - smiles George Dzagurov - our ladies are subject to little things: landscaping, fencing, in every way thingies and other decorative elements on the ceilings, cornices, walls. In this case, a sophisticated woman is ready to involve inspection of the designer or expert in feng shui, which once again suggests that the fine "stuff" for them as enjoyable.<br /><br />"But the main advantage of men - the rate decision - said Sergey Migunov. - They tend to preferences already formed, they know exactly what properties should have a flat. The woman that decision often formed only in the selection process. "<br /><br />Of course, any highly-broker says that he does not care with whom to work. Its mission - to find the most suitable option for the customer. And, of course, cheated. It is always easier to work with someone who ultimately will decide on a purchase. But if forced to choose between clients, the realtor still prefer to communicate with a man. "To sell a specific housing complex woman - gives his opinion Irina Strizhova. - Often, the parameters of the required housing undergo changes in the selection process. Furthermore, women are more prone to irrational motives for buying, which also affects the timing and the communication between the intermediary and the customer. "<br /><br />In the end, as practice shows, a woman can hardly ask for help to "black brokers". Ladies where careful in their actions on that probably leaves a mark taking care of the family and offspring. But the men in this respect, adventurers, and willing to accept the services of obscure agents, so to speak, to try his luck in "troubled waters".<br /><br />Components selection<br />In the past year, according to analysts, more women have gained the capital and two-bedroom apartments in areas of the Third Ring Road and near the long subway stations. On such purchases accounted for about 80% of transactions. It is clear that women who are raising three children and rely on her husband, will consider options with a sufficiently large number of rooms and try to find shelter, where each family member would be able to feel unhampered. But almost always a woman nominated main demand: the apartment must be bright, and at least a couple of windows must always go on the sunny side.<br /><br />Of course, all this from the perspective of financial capabilities. If we talk about buyers, not encumbered family, this "contingent" is the best so far only on your own individual comfort, and how many rooms or square feet include these amenities, one defines the basis of their own imaginations and financial resources.<br /><a rel="nofollow" href="https://sob.ru/issue4839.html">https://sob.ru/issue4839.html</a><br /><br />
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