Experts predict record low-cost housing in Kiev

10.01.2018 00:00
Real Estate Market Analysis | Experts predict record low-cost housing in Kiev So, according to experts, the fact is that large volumes of housing construction have drawn the lion's share of customers. And those who wish to sell their blood meters will not have anything else to do but to reduce prices for old apartments. "The volume of the new supply in the primary market in 2018 will be maintained at the level of 2016-2017, which is a fairly large indicator. This creates further pressure on the prices of the secondary market. This year, the cost per square meter is likely to continue to gradually fall within the 5-15% range. These trends will be more pronounced in the budget and middle segments. But the prices in high-quality facilities in the prestigious areas will be more stable, "commented the head of consulting for NAI Ukraine Marina Gurevich.

The same opinion is shared by other experts. It is noted that in 2018 some apartments may lose up to a quarter of their present value.

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"As in the past two years, we will see a further stratification of the secondary real estate market, depending on its geographical and technical characteristics. The decline will affect absolutely all categories. The cheapest and the most expensive housing stock will lose the most - its decline could reach 25%. The average price segment may decrease by 10-15%, "stated Oleg Prikhodko, general director of the development company Greenol.

Recall that housing prices in Ukraine continue to fall and have already approached a critically low level, sometimes square meters are even sold at almost the cost price.
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