Experts predict a rise in the cost of housing in Ukraine

14.02.2014 00:45
Real Estate Market Analysis | Experts predict a rise in the cost of housing in Ukraine In the event of a devaluation of the hryvnia to 8.7 UAH / USD. and higher cost of housing in the national currency appreciation will grow in proportion to the dollar, and the prices of luxury properties remain unchanged. This opinion was expressed by UNIAN expert consulting company SV Development Sergey Kostecki .

"If the hryvnia will be 8.7 UAH / USD. and above, the value of real estate in the national currency will rise in proportion to within a few months . If we talk about luxury real estate , then , in my opinion , prices are still too high. Bargaining is within 15% , and demand is not more than 5 % of the total number of transactions. Therefore, the owners of this property does not make sense to increase the cost , even if the dollar will cost UAH 9 , because the number of buyers "elitki" the growth of its prices will not increase , "- said Kostecki .

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According to him, the same applies to rental apartments - after stabilization of the landlords raise prices in the national currency in accordance with the exchange rate fluctuations .

"The owners of rental apartments will wait until the rate will stabilize and will not jump every day. And when all is stabilized tenants " will adjust " the rent under a dollar . In the U.S. the price will remain the same, and in the national currency will increase , "- said the expert.

He also noted that currency fluctuations have affected the real estate market right now - the number of proposals and rental and for sale has declined . In particular, for sale on the secondary market in Kiev in early February 22-25 thousand apartments were offered , while in December 2013 for sale in the capital was billed more than 30 thousand apartments .

" Apartment owners took the fence . Because now you can sell the apartment and thus strongly too cheap . Same with renting : as lease is not for one month, and at least a year , then it is very difficult to prove that the cost of the lessee need to improve , "- said Kostecki .

The expert noted that predict the consequences of the introduction of new rules by the National Bank currency purchase on the real estate market is still too early .
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