Why expensive real estate in the suburbs?

10.04.2008 00:00
Real Estate Market Analysis | Why expensive real estate in the suburbs? In 2008, home prices in cottage settlements will grow up to 20%. Profitability in the construction of cottages is very high. Especially when it comes to real estate in areas close to the capital - Obukhov and Kiev Svyatoshinsky. Here, profit developer can exceed 10 times the investment. Cost per square meter suburban real estate is $ 500-600 per square meter.

For the buyer, this meter is already a half to five thousand conventional units. But since the beginning of the year representatives of construction companies have to shell out more - Expensive construction materials, gas, electricity and most importantly - the land.

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My dear country

Over the last week the cost of weave near Kiev has increased by $ 28 and averages $ 6000 183 for a hundred. Until the end of the year in the areas of the metropolitan area to rise by another 25%. About this online newspaper "NOW" said director of marketing consulting company SV Development, Vladimir Stepenko. And as the earth takes the lion's share of the cost of houses, their prices will definitely rise. During the year the house in the suburbs go up from 8-9% (as close to the capital city areas) to 20% (remote). "The current areas, outsiders - Fastovsky, Makarov, Kagarlyksky - rise in price faster than the rest. There, cottages are relatively inexpensive, because the price is still room to grow ", - says Stepenko. Deputy Director of Marketing DK "Europe" (cottage complex "Olіmpіk-Parc») Sergey Martynenko believes that real estate Obukhov district also has a tendency to increase, albeit small - cottages in this area and so some of the most expensive.

The village is not in vogue

If the demand for accommodation in a cottage village is growing, in the village of Kievans rush less and less. If two years ago 80% of home buyers interested in the suburbs of ordinary residential houses in the old villages, but now these only 40%. Market experts predict a decline in the real estate potential of rural inhabitants to 5%. Stepenko explains the causes of this phenomenon as follows: "The blame for this problem with transportation, lack of utilities and infrastructure. People increasingly prefer to buy a house there, where he will be shopping center, entertainment complex and other facilities. "

Experts predict a decrease in the number of potential rural residents up to 5%

However, the good-old Kiev sat down to eat, and their fans. These are people who are afraid of ever increasing price of a cottage village. In the classic rural house is much cheaper. But in the future this is the target audience can be all the same to turn its attention to the villa communities. Several large companies are going to develop projects of an economy class. This is the home area of ??160-200 square meters at a relatively affordable price. Yet experts agree that less than $ 200,000 house in the suburbs cost will never be.

Prospects of suburban life

Build, build, and once again build - plans for companies operating in the segment of cottage property, go away. Potential only in Kiev suburban real estate market is estimated at $ 10 billion. Growth of the market only in the metropolitan area will be developed before 2015, I am sure Stepenko. But there is megacities around which are just beginning to be realized the first projects of cottage settlements. Of special note is the Crimean peninsula - the most optimistic outlook for poperezhe in premium class real estate.

Sergey Martynenko are even more optimistic about the prospects for cottage construction. The market in Ukraine is only released to the active stage of development, he said. Whereas in Europe the process is still ongoing for several decades.
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