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25.03.2010 17:14
Real Estate Market Analysis | Elite cottage Kyiv region
General characteristics of the region
According to the company RealEkspo "as of March 1, 2010
in the Kiev region was 269 towns, including 85 under construction, 92 built and 92 planned.
Of the 177 planned and built in 86 towns of the construction is suspended, which is 48,6%.
Superiority of the number of towns in the Kyiv-Svyatoshinskiy district (60), in second place-Obukhov district with 57 towns, the third place in the Makarov Area, from 33 towns.

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Average cost of 1 sq.m in the cottage of the Kiev region, as of 1 March was 1,324 dollars.
Leader of the average cost of 1 square meter is Kiev (2493 dol.), The second largest district Obukhov (2048 dol.), In third place Boryspil district (1684 dollars): here the cost affects the cost of 3100 dol. / m in cottage area "protected".
Compared with December 2009 average price of 1 square. m decreased by 5,7%.

Luxury segment
The greatest number of elite cottage villages located in the Obukhov district, most of which were built.

Buyers of real estate in towns elite class of wealthy business leaders advocate, who own one or two apartments in Kiev, 2 cars with available funds, the representatives of foreign companies, representatives of the regions of Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk.

Cottage campuses class elites "differ from economy class
location, environment, infrastructure, quality of buildings and the quality
construction materials used.

According to the classification of cottage villages are divided into classes of economy,
business, premium and de dyuks. Category De Luxe corresponds well
category of elite class. Differ from non-elite luxury villas number
homes (100-250), the area adjacent lands (25-40 hectare),
area of houses (300-400 m), location (up to 20 km from
Kiev), engineering infrastructure (security, communications, centralized
sewerage, water purification), infrastructure (TRC, entertainment
area, spa, fitness center, swimming pool), materials (face brick,
tiles), natural factors (forest, river, park, road).

Consider the built and built towns elite class, which are selling.

Boryspil district. Cottage village "Zoloche Club in Cherry (15 km from Kiev, 35 hectares, 110 houses, 200-300 m, 6-22 weave, the cost of 1 sq.m -2300-2750 USD.)
Forest Park (7,5 ha, 25 g, 550-650 m, 25-35 hectare, the cost of 1 square. M-3000 USD

Vasilkovsky area. Complex cottage townships elite class Maetok (Ivankovichi). Settlement "Maetok. Pearl of Italy ", 10km. From Kiev, 18ga, 103 houses, 200-400 m, 12-25 hectare, 2400 dol. / m

Vyshgorodsky district. Riviera Villas (Lebedivka). Elite class. Under construction. 20 km. From Kiev, 30 hectares, 72doma, 280-800 m, 12-40sotok, 2500 U.S. dollars per square meter. Infrastructure.

Obukhov district. "Sun Valley" (Romankiv), 16 km, 45ga, 150d, 240-730 m, 10-20sot, park, forest, ozero.1900 2700 dol. / sq.m.
«Dream Land» (New Bezradichi), is constructed. 18ga, 37 houses, 200-300 m, 24-49sotok, 1950 U.S. dollars per square meter. The cost of land -5500 dol. / Weaving (land sold for building).
"Plutovo" (Pluta), is built. 24 kilometers, 4.2 hectares, 19 houses, 298-430 m, 15-20 hundred, from 2600 dol. / m
"Дніпрова hvilya (Kozin), is built. 15 km, 33 hectares, 80 houses, 400-600 m, 20-40sotok, the yield on the Dnieper, Kozynka. 2750-5800 U.S. $ / m
"Alpine Village" (Podgortsy) 8 km, stroitsya4ga, 47domov, 438-523 m, 20-30sotok, 1900 cu / m
"Golden Gate" (Podgortsy), built 150 houses, 15-25 hectare, 2500 dol. / m

What affects the price?
At the final cost of the houses affected by the number of the total area spent on infrastructure construction, and distribution of this amount by the number of houses or land. If the towns economy class on the minimum amount of infrastructure facilities may account for 10-15% of the settlement, the draft business class, this figure may reach 25-35%, and in the elite club villages - 50%. In allocating the same amount of infrastructure for 10 club houses or on 600 stations in large, residential settlement, the final cost of the product output will also grow in many ways.

Does the cost of preparedness?

To date, the price is formed, as before, depending on the
of investment in land, the cost of building materials (in any period and at what price they are acquired), labor costs, adjusted for the crisis.
Most sought-after commodity on the suburban real estate market are ready at home. Of course, prices are higher than in the unfinished facility, but buyers are not willing to enter into long-term relationship with the developer and invest in the pit. They want to buy something that you can touch it.
The difference in price between the cottage and being ready at an early stage of construction is approximately 30-40%. However, market realities are such that the buyer is willing to pay extra money, and thereby protect themselves from the risk unfinished. "The main problem in today's market - lack of confidence in the developer-builders of the consumers, - said Victor Kovalenko, Director of RealEkspo. - The fact that before the crisis, many have invested in housing developments, which were subsequently frozen.
Developer exempting market town with a ready-houses, still a risk, especially now. "For several years the construction of consumer tastes can change dramatically, and the object simply does not find its buyer. It is very difficult to get into the bull's-eye and create the concept of such a project, which would take too long in demand in the segment ", - the head of" Dialog Classic "Artem Novikov.
I can not say that the crisis had a considerable impact on the value of completed housing projects in the liquid. Even in the most difficult time selling them went on pre-crisis prices, though at a discount. "But now the correction is stopped, and it is unlikely a developer will offer a discount over 10% of the finished cottage, - said Head of Marketing Group of Companies Maetok Oksana Hridina. - This discount can be attributed more to psychological than to actually affect the market factors. The expert stressed that if the price of finished houses in the village are not reduced, then this means that the developer believes in a stable demand for its facilities and continued growth in the market.

Trends. Forecasts.
According to director of consulting company "RealEkspo" Victor Kovalenko, in 2010 will be put into operation about 10-12 villages. Among them Feofania Residences, Grand Villas, Family House, Happy Land, Dream Land, Montana, Severynivka, City of Joy, Zoloche Club, Sun Valley, etc.
Today it is obvious that without investment in transport, recreational and social infrastructure of a normal suburban market development of cottage settlements impossible. Nevertheless, within the next year or two, a significant expansion of the scope of real estate development investment experts do not expect. Victor Kovalenko said: "If the general financial and economic situation does not deteriorate and demand for suburban property is maintained, a few years the market will come back to the integrated development of land.
Victor Kovalenko, www.business-realty.com.ua www.cottage-ua.com.ua
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