Elite campuses of the Kiev region: competition continues

26.10.2010 09:37
Real Estate Market Analysis | Elite campuses of the Kiev region: competition continues Life is changing rapidly, and now experts are voicing a certain list of criteria and rules, without which the village and the house it can not be called elite. Their observance and makes the offer price, which offered the most expensive house of the year.

We note immediately that in matters of classification and housing options, particularly luxury housing, the domestic market consensus had never been, and many developers decide to elitism or that their project based on the deeply subjective motives.

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What are the classification
As realtors, and developers are guided by their own classifications, which differ both in the number of classes, and in terms of factors.
In 2008 ASNU offers the market's own classification of objects of suburban real estate, but it is not officially approved, and the market it does not use.
Previously, the company "Kansas" offered to the market its classification includes 4 categories of villages. The criteria for the classification of the village to one category or another served as the purpose of its creation (for subsequent sale, rental, residence) as well as more familiar factors: the direction, distance, availability of forest and lake, the number of households, the size of the house and grounds, level of infrastructure and transport availability etc.
According to the classification of cottage villages are divided into classes of economy,
business, premium and deluxe. Category Deluxe corresponds well
category of the elite class. Differ from non-elite luxury villas number of
homes (100-250), an area adjoining land (25-40 hectare)
area of houses (300-400 m), location (up to 20 km from
Kiev), engineering infrastructure (security, communications, centralized
sewerage, water purification), infrastructure (TRC, entertainment
area, spa, fitness center, swimming pool), materials (face brick,
tiles), natural factors (forest, river, park, road).

Criteria common to all
Despite his consistency, these classifications have a significant drawback: they leave room for imagination of the developer. However, to think that the country market anarchy reigns, it is not necessary. "The criteria affecting the positioning and perception of objects suburban real estate, include the following nine criteria: the direction, distance from the city limits, the concept of the village, the natural landscape characteristics of terrain, architecture, used building materials, quality of utilities, a set of internal infrastructure, the shape protection ", - the director of consulting company" RealEkspo Victor Kovalenko. Evaluation of any of the criteria in the existing settlement at "five" and provides a significant increase in the price. Ideally, if the developer was able to achieve the maximum score for each criterion, then the price will be relevant.

The ideal is attainable no further 15 km
The famous principle of location work on a suburban market is no worse than on a commercial or residential. Victor Kovalenko believes that the elite settlement should not be farther than 15 miles from the city limits. The main role here is not so much the physical distance, how much time it takes the road from home to the capital: "It should not be more than an hour. And the better the transport situation in the direction of the greater distance from the city developer can afford to reduce spending without risking the project properties ", - says Victor Kovalenko. As for the direction, Obukhov elite has traditionally been considered direction with a slight shift to the south.

Size does matter
"Elite settlement depends on the architecture, building materials, home size and density. Cottage hills elite class includes the area houses no less than 200-400 square meters. m with a total land area of 15-30 hectare. These settlements are characterized and the chamber, or, as is now customary to say "club". Naturally, the engineering content of the house and the village meets the latest technology ", - says Victor Kovalenko.

Conceptually, but ...
One should not forget about the concept of a concept which is required in order to settlement attributed to the elite. Today, however, this condition is necessary but not sufficient. To the concept in any case must be accompanied by natural beauty, proximity to historic sites or monuments of architectural, shtuchnost "project, a large area of land and other such" bonuses ". As noted by Victor Kovalenko, the concept is under-designed class village elites bring the greatest returns, however, this is where developers expect tough competition. "It will worsen in 2011 in the implementation of the announced projects, developers", - said Victor Kovalenko
Elite segment
The greatest number of elite cottage villages located in the Obukhov district, most of them built.
Buyer of real estate in towns elite class act secured business executives, who own one or two apartments in Kiev, 2 cars with spare cash, and representatives of foreign companies, representatives of the regions of Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk.
Cottage Towns of class "elites" differ from economy-class layout, environment, infrastructure, quality of buildings and the quality of construction materials used.
Consider the built and built towns elite class, which conducted the sale.
Boryspil district. Cottage town "Zoloche Club in Cherry (15 km from Kiev, 35 hectares, 110 houses, 200-300 m, 6-22 weave, the cost of 1 sq.m -2300-2750 dollars.)
Forest Park (7,5 ha, 25 g, 550-650 m, 25-35 acres, the cost of 1 sq. km. M-3000 ue

Vasilkovsky area. The complex of cottage townships elite class "Maetok (Ivankovichi). Village "Maetok. Pearl of Italy ", 10km. From Kiev, 18ga, 103 houses, 200-400 sq ft, 12-25 hectare, 2400 U.S. $ / sq.m. Forest, lake.
Vyshgorodsky rayon.Riviera Villas (Lebedivka). Under construction. 20 km. from Kiev, 30 hectares, 72 houses, 280-800 sq ft, 12-40sotok, 2500 U.S. dollars / sq. Output to the channel.
Obukhov district. "Solar Valley" (Romankiv) constructed. 16 km, 45ga, 129d, 218-571 m, 12-42 cells., Park, forest, ozero.1700-2700 U.S. $ / sq.m. Lake, forest, park.
"Plyutovo (Plyutov) constructed. 24 kilometers, 4.2 hectares, 19 houses, 298-430 m, 15-20 hundred, from 2600 U.S. $ / sq ft
"Dnіprova hvilya (Cozine), was built. 15 km, 33 hectares, 80 houses, 400-600 sq ft, 20-40sotok, the yield on the Dnieper, Kozynka. 2750-5800 U.S. $ / sq ft
"Alpine Village" (Podgortsy) 8 km, is constructed. 4m, 47domov, 438-523 sq ft, 20-30sotok, 1900 cu / m
"Golden Gate" (Podgortsy), built 150 houses, 15-25 acres, 2,500 U.S. $ / sq ft

What affects the price?
On the final cost of houses affected by the amount of the total area spent on infrastructure construction, and distribution of this amount by the number of houses or land. If the towns economy class for a minimum amount of infrastructure facilities may consist of 10-15% of the settlement, the projects of business class this figure may reach 25-35%, and in an elite settlements - 50%. In allocating the same amount of infrastructure in 10 club houses or on 600 stations in large residential settlement of the final cost of the product output will also grow in many ways.

Does the cost of readiness?
To date, the price is formed, as before, depending on the
of investment in land, the cost of building materials (in any period and at what price they are acquired), labor costs, adjusted to the crisis.

Most sought-after commodity on the suburban real estate market are ready at home. Of course, prices are higher than in the unfinished objects, but buyers are not willing to enter into long-term relationship with the developer and invest in the pit.
In the current market conditions, there is a directly proportional dependence of the success of the developer on the readiness of the project, which explains the popularity of high-end complex "MAETOK. Builders' MAETKA "can be proud that we were able to realize their conceptual ideas, which enabled them to provide high population of the town today.
Given that the difference in price between the cottage and being ready at an early stage of construction is approximately 30-40%. However, market realities are such that the buyer is willing to pay extra money, and thereby protect themselves from risk unfinished. "The main problem of the modern market - lack of confidence in the developer-builders from consumers - says Victor Kovalenko. - The fact that before the crisis, many have invested in a built villages, which were subsequently frozen.
Developer that writes to the market town with a ready-made houses, still at risk, especially now. "For several years the construction of consumer tastes can change dramatically, and the subject simply will not find a buyer. Very difficult to get into the bull's-eye and create the concept of this project, which would have long been in demand in the segment "- the head of the Dialogue-Classic Artem Novikov.
We can not say that the crisis is significantly influenced by the cost of prefabricated houses in liquid projects. Even in the most difficult period of selling them went on pre-crisis prices, though at a discount. Such a discount can be attributed to psychological rather than a real impact on market factors. " Experts stress that if the price of finished houses in the village are not reduced, then it means that the developer is confident of a stable demand for its facilities and future market growth.

Trends. Forecasts.
According to the director of consulting company "RealEkspo Victor Kovalenko
Today it is obvious that without the investment in transport, recreational and social infrastructure of a normal suburban market development of cottage settlements impossible. Which once again confirms the side-benefits not just the elite projects, completed, settled at elite campuses today.

Victor Kovalenko
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