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18.02.2014 00:30
Real Estate Market Analysis | Economy-class apartments are popular in Kiev For quite a long time, almost all construction firms owned by private entities. This circumstance led to the active development of the real estate market in general and the real estate economy class in particular. This is due to the fact that private entities can quickly find free money to attract investors on favorable terms. It is for this reason was not cost-effective to build expensive houses of the " economy" . According to the research company «Datahomes», which studies and analytics of real estate market in Kiev and Moscow, on the territory of the Ukrainian capital under construction is more than a hundred objects that can be classified as "economy" housing. Since the housing is intended for potential buyers with an average income , which the vast majority , the construction of such housing is not characterized by a lack of funding , and as a possible outcome , freezing construction. Home economy class, often built in new areas allows to build entire territory not expensive residential complexes . Since it builds on previously " prepared " land , the problems with permits for construction also does not happen, rare , of course, exceptions.
Real Estate Economy class is popular among developers . According to the portal, today in Kiev is building 119 residential real estate economy class. This is 70% of the total number of houses under construction in Kiev - 171. If we analyze the absolute and relative indicators of the real estate economy class , these data can be provided as follows:

Analysts of " Datahoms " conducted a deeper investigation of residential market economy-class objects , which is based on data on the number of houses depending on the area of ​​construction . These studies showed that the largest number of houses of economy class on the stage of completion of construction is in areas that have been established recently. In particular, we are talking about areas such as Golosiivskiy, Darnitckiy , Dnieper - 30 , 19 and 12 sites respectively.

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Do not forget about the specifics of construction of modern houses . This applies to the housing economy class. It is, in particular, simple homes and entire complexes , which differ in some aspects . Residential complexes, in most cases , are built entirely new areas or in areas adjacent to the city 's satellite towns . This is due to the fact that the complexes involve the construction of all communications gated only for residents of the complex. And it is known , requires a lot of space. Simple as homes that are built in densely populated areas , do not require additional communication , as everything is ready to build a new skyscraper . According to the research company " Datahoms " as strange, but in Kiev most prefer it not home, and residential complexes . This conclusion applies to potential buyers , as well as directly to the developers .
On the basis of the data provided we can say that , given the annual aliasing errors , the construction of houses adheres fairly stable trend , even in the context of the city Kiev , which can not be said about the construction of residential complexes.

For residential complexes location more painful question , and it is understandable, because these old districts , as, for example , and Desnyansky Caves, where apartment complexes are not very common , have a shortage of vacant land that can be utilized for construction. So here are more traditionally favored high-altitude buildings.
Also , the comparison is quite revealing in the amount of square meters of housing under construction economy , which by early 2014 it was announced about 5 million sq.m. As already mentioned, more active in terms of development manifest themselves relatively new areas. Those areas that are almost exhausted their resources in terms of available space, gradually switched to build luxury housing. It is in particular on areas such as Obolonskij and Caves . Stated the number of square meters of floor space in economy class sectional areas given in the following diagram .

According to preliminary estimates , the majority of square meters of housing economy class will be put to the end of 2014. Until the end of this year should enter into operation about 3 million sq.m. Gilles areas inexpensively in new buildings in Kiev .

As for pricing , it all depends on where it is located to buildings, infrastructure which surrounds it and, of course , as she is made to build a house . Exactly what the building material was used in the construction process , and influences , together with the location of the object on the price of the apartment . Everyone knows that a square meter of housing in the house, which is made of brick , is more expensive than a similar house plan , but made ​​on a block basis. Cost per square meter brick structure approximately 2000 - 2500 hryvnia expensive. Not the last role played by the pricing , in which the house is located near or complex. Historic central and some new areas near water , are much more expensive . We are talking about areas such as the Caves, Shevchenko , Obolons'kyi . On 1000 - 1500 hryvnia will cost more than a square meter with full or partial refurbishment . Data on price ranking cost per square meter of the primary economy housing in a particular area of the city are in the range of Rs 7600 . ( Desnianskyi district ) to Rs 13,000 . (Pechersky district) . Weighted average price sq.m. such real estate in Kiev is about Rs 9,000-10,000 . (1000-1100 dollars. On the real exchange rate) prices tend to rise sharply at the stage of commissioning . The fact that renting the house in operation automatically removes warnings of potential buyers at the expense of stopping the construction and possible consequences are not pleasant to invest .
In any case , the developers offer a big choice for buyers who often have different interests and their preferences. The first thing potential buyers prefer economy housing - this is the right value for money . Without another word, it is clear that the category of housing "economy" boast exceptional quality can not , so the price should be appropriate. Acceptable price range which now resides the greatest number of potential buyers - housing with the price per square meter in 8000 - 8500 hryvnia (slightly less than $ 1,000 . ) . This price range , as follows from the above information corresponds Desnyanskaya , Dnieper and Sviatoshynskyi district of the Ukrainian capital .
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