Earth hits record sales

01.03.2011 08:56
Real Estate Market Analysis | Earth hits record sales According to data from RDN. Residential Real Estate "in February, more than 68% of inquiries from potential buyers of suburban property in the suburbs accounted for objects value of 2, 5 to 5 million rubles. In February, the experts noted a slight increase in the demand for suburban real estate, which is due to start next season in this segment. The total number of calls from potential buyers has increased by 6%. The number of applications for land purchase in February of this year increased compared to February 2010 at 27%. According to the current volume of demand in February ahead of 11% in April - one of the most active months of last year.

The largest number of purchases has been committed in the segment "plots without a contract - 28% of the total number of transactions. The average cost of such purchase was in February, 3.8 million rubles. It should be noted that the average cost weave land in Moscow and 50 km from Moscow is 456 thousand rubles. The most expensive parts are sold at Rublevo Assumption and Novorizhskoye highway. In addition, the maximum value of land is fixed at 5 km area from Moscow. Cost weave of land in this region sometimes reaches 1.9 million rubles. The most expensive piece of land was sold in February for 3 km Rublevo Assumption highway for the 4.9 million rubles per one hundred square meters. Maximum value of the land on Novorizhskoye highway experts "RDN. Residential Real Estate" is fixed at 3.6 million rubles per one hundred square meters.

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"Sites with contract" used less in demand, they accounted for 23% of transactions and average amount spent by consumers is the acquisition amounted to 6,800,000 rubles. The most popular destinations in February for this segment were Novorizhskoe, Kiev, Kaluga and Minsk highway.

Townhouses are still used in the past month in high demand. This segment had 21% of transactions in suburban real estate. The average deal size was in February, 6.2 million rubles.

It is noteworthy that in February, buyers are treated as a purchase of a relatively new type of housing for the Moscow market - duplexes. House on the two owners have purchased 7% of buyers. Average purchase price in this segment was in February, 4.5 million rubles.
According to the "RDA. Residential Real Estate", ready at home in cottage settlements were popular among 15% of the buyers country real estate. Average purchase price in this segment amounted to 17 million rubles.

According to experts, in February, the average cost per square meter in the houses and cottages in the organized towns of Moscow region and 50 km from Moscow amounted to 49 thousand rubles. So, in the cottage "Opushkino-2 ', the average cost per square meter to the cost of land is 43 thousand rubles," Kryuchkov-2 "- 40 thousand rubles.
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