Discuss budget options in the satellite towns of Kiev

22.11.2010 10:38
Real Estate Market Analysis | Discuss budget options in the satellite towns of Kiev Flats in 20 minutes. drive from the capital is available for $ 28 thousand, but wishing is almost no

Before the crisis, many newcomers who do not have enough money on expensive metropolitan apartment, were looking for low cost options in the satellite town of Kiev.

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But last year the demand for secondary housing in the suburbs has fallen to zero and began to revive only in recent months, and even then not everywhere: in Vyshgorod Boyarka and buyers are still there. Homeowners in other, more popular satellite has not yet decided to raise prices. The only exception is perhaps that of Boryspil, where the amount of transactions rose to $ 3.8 thousand, wrote Business Capital.

In the last two years of the sale of housing in Cherry, Brovary, Irpin and Bucha become rare, although this season, as we are assured realtors, there has been a slight recovery. According to the director of "trajectory" Irina Golovnev, leadership among the satellite towns of the capital by the number of buyers of used flats holding cherry, which is easy to reach from the center of Kiev.

In addition to the low-cost housing (Gostinka for $ 35-40 thousand) customers of brokerage houses interested in proposals for new homes 1999-2003. buildings in which the price one-room apartment not more than $ 50 thousand, but for "kopeck piece" asking $ 59-65 thousand

"These prices hold for the past six months and do not grow, because the activity in the market although it has increased, but still remains low," - says Ms. Golovneva. The most popular streets in Cherry are October and machinists (here focused educational and medical institutions).

Second place was shared Irpen and Bucha. According to leading local estate agent EA Partner Svetlana Shinkar, 80% of the housing there to buy visitors. "Among them are many people Troyeshchyna, who sold an apartment out there to purchase a large area in Irpin.

In addition, we are approached by parents of students Tax Academy, academic buildings which are located in the satellite city "- the expert said. The greatest demand in these locations, enjoy the one-bedroom apartments cost about $ 40 thousand for "kopeck piece" out there asking for $ 45-55 thousand, and for "treshki - $ 60-65 thousand

In the once-popular Brovarakh Realtors virtually jobless. In the real estate agency Brovarskyi region "say that views organized except that the capital brokers. At the same time housing prices is very accessible: Gostinka is available for $ 28-30 thousand, and the usual one-bedroom apartment is $ 32-35 thousand for "kopeck piece" and "treshki" asking $ 50-55 thousand and $ 60-70 thousand, respectively, but what are the real prices, experts say do not take because of transactions on such objects is not very long ago concluded.

Borispolsky realtors say that demand for apartments in the city over the last year has increased by 20-30%. According to the director of a local company, "Property valuation Larisa Yarema, despite the fact that the proposal in a relatively large (on sale are exhibited around 200 apartments, whereas, for example, in Brovary - about 100, and in Vyshgorod - a few dozen), owners of the squares on secondary housing did not hesitate to raise prices.

If last year in Boryspil Gostinka offered for $ 32 thousand, it is now - for $ 40 thousand Full Size one-bedroom apartments rose from $ 35 thousand to $ 42 thousand, and two-bedroom - with $ 45 thousand to $ 48 thousand The greatest demand is for homes that are located Kiev along the route.

Outsiders among the satellite towns have Vyshgorod and Boyarka, where the secondary housing market has completely collapsed. Broker Academy Sparta Svetlana Paliy, said that the single view of budget apartments costing up to $ 45 thousand, as a rule, does not end there, and more expensive proposals generally do not matter.

The situation is similar in Vyshgorod where "unity" can pick up for $ 38 thousand, "kopeck piece" - for $ 56-60 thousand, and "three-ruble note - not more than $ 80 thousand, Deputy Director, Academy of Sciences" Regionalne Dzherelo Oksana Onoprienko not exclude that owners will be forced to either withdraw its facilities from the sale or price reductions.
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