Demand for suburban «apartment buildings in Moscow grew by 4%

14.03.2011 13:19
Real Estate Market Analysis | Demand for suburban «apartment buildings in Moscow grew by 4% According to the corporation "Incom" the beginning of spring has increased the demand for apartment buildings in suburban housing estates near Moscow. By March the number of transactions in this segment grew by 4%.

The share of sales of apartments in the suburban residential mixed-storey traditionally did not exceed 5 - 7% of total demand. However, in 2011, buying activity in this segment significantly increased. "The increased interest in multifamily housing-town, we noticed late last year, and in January-February level of transactions in this format, the real estate began to grow at a remarkable pace, - says Dmitry Taganov, Head of Research Center Corporation Incom.

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- By early March the demand for apartments in apartment houses in the suburban towns, grew by 4% and 9% of total market demand for country homes outside Moscow. In the near future, in my opinion, may be followed by further rapid growth of this relatively new for the market segment. "

The rise in popularity of multi-family homes countryside analysts' Incom include building height, usually from 2 to 7 floors, located in organized towns. From the traditional town houses, these residential complexes distinguishes high density development and the use of high-rise buildings - up to 10 -15 floors.

By early spring, the average price of apartments in the suburban multi-family homes totaled 10.6 million rubles. Earlier this year, the price of the current format of real estate increased by 14% compared to December 2010. Increased and the number of offers: 4% in August last year to 9% in February 2011. The most popular this year used by such projects as "Sacramento", "Shemyakinsky patio", "Rublevskoe suburb.
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