Demand for rental residential real estate in Kiev declined to 16,5%

16.12.2010 13:53
Real Estate Market Analysis | Demand for rental residential real estate in Kiev declined to 16,5% In November 2010 the number of deals on rental real estate declined from the previous month at 16.5% and amounted to 324 (in October 389), said Director General of the Academy of Sciences "Blagovest" (Kiev) Irina Lukhanin.

In the price range up to $ 1 thousand the number of transactions was 66%, that on 3,1% more than in October. In this category got home from the first of up to 4 rooms, but the leadership here belongs traditionally to the one-and two-bedroom apartments. One-bedroom apartments occupy a share of 35%, doubles - 30% of the total number of transactions in this price category. These facilities are located throughout the city. Two-bedroom apartments are 25% and are in Goloseyevsky area in Lukyanovka, Poznyak, Troyeschina. Also fall into this category apartments on lower floors of apartment buildings in the distal parts of the capital, which rent for offices, small firms.

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Transactions in the price range of $ 1-2 thousand, according to EA, accounted for 21% of the total market rent for November, which compared to October decreased by 6.5%. "These include one-bedroom apartment (share of 20%), two-bedroom (share 40%), and Multi-Housing. The geography of these proposals is concentrated mainly in areas close to the center and arrays with a modern infrastructure - Poznyak, Obolon. This category also includes office space for 1-2 floors of apartment buildings and complexes in Holosievo and close to the downtown district, "- the company said.

In November, the category $ 2-3 thousand surpassed October at 1.2%, amounting to 6% of the total rental market, noted in the EA. In this category, dominated the two-and three-room apartments in central areas - Shevchenko (center), Limes, Pechersk, as well as in the district Obolonskyi Limes.

In the news agency also said that the proportion of objects for which the tenants are willing to pay from $ 3 to 5 thousand per month in November, up 4%. This category has the major share of 60% is occupied by offices located in the Crypt and Shevchenko (center) areas and neighborhoods, close to subway lines, in particular Sotsgorod. Also active in this category are often tenants of private houses (mansions, cottages) at St. Sophia Borschagivka, Osokorki. As for apartments, their share in this segment is small - 4%. This 3-4-bedroom apartments with premium (the area of 120-180 square meters. M), located in downtown Kiev.

In the category of over $ 5 thousand ratio of residential and commercial premises was 50/50. This quality office space in the downtown of the capital, space for shops, restaurants and other commercial components. Among housing - mostly at home in the city (Pechersk District), holiday items - in the Obukhov district (Concha Zaspa, Kozin), as well as exclusive apartments on the Limes in the central part of the Shevchenko district. "The share of this segment of the total rental market up 3%", - underlined analysts Academy of Sciences.

"The rental market in recent months clearly seen the desire of tenants to the city center. And this is understandable. Once outlines the positive trends in the economy, it is immediately reflected on the preferences of tenants: increased demand for housing and commercial space better in central or infrastructure-developed areas. Focusing on the current situation, I want to mention just the upward momentum in the quality and cost of leased facilities, "- summarized Irina Lukhanin.
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