Crimeans scare visitors exorbitant housing prices

06.12.2010 16:20
Real Estate Market Analysis | Crimeans scare visitors exorbitant housing prices
Rent in Crimea on the New Year will be more expensive than in the highest summer

In addition to the numbers of surrendering to exorbitant tariffs, local hoteliers in the holiday packages include additional activities, ranging from banquets to 1-2 ths. person, ending with a picnic on the shore and excursions scheduled for January 1, writes Business Capital.

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As a result, a few days on the South Coast will cost visitors not less than 5 thousand UAH. for two. Potential guests, comparing price and quality of proposals, refuse to celebrate the New Year in the Crimea. As of early December, booked more than 20% of surrendering on the peninsula resorts and suites.

Overestimated their ability

In the summer, despite the inflated prices and discreet service, homeowners on the beach was no shortage of guests. Moreover, this year the tourist flow in the ARC increased compared to 2009 by 15-20%. This trend was encouraged by hoteliers and apartment owners.

They started preparing for the New Year holidays from the end of September, and even spent a broad advertising campaign (in most megacities, whose residents traditionally go to the Black Sea coast for the winter holidays, hung hundreds of posters that promote the Crimean health resorts).

But while marketing ploy did not work. Unlike past years, when the active booking of accommodation for the New Year holiday began in November, this season Ukrainians rushing to buy vouchers. It is estimated the company manager "SORT Crimea" Natalia Kononenko, the demand for recreation on the peninsula below last year's by about 20%.

Manager of the agency "GIN Service Marina Listopadova said that to date most of the hotels booked no more than 10-15% of the seats. A similar trend was observed in the segment of surrendering apartments. According to the representative agency of the Planet Crimea Sergey length, even on December 31 free apartment in their proposal is certain to be.

Potential clients are discouraged inadequate price: Crimea now winter sale fares on high summer season, which is 15-20% higher than last winter. Given that many resorts and private apartments are available package of at least three to five days, and in the hotels guests need to pay more and the banquet, the total value of the New Year holiday on the coast in more or less decent hotel will be up to 5-7 thousand . UAH. for two, which is quite comparable with a tour to Turkey, where the same amount, in addition to the full board include the SPA-procedures. Set the same pleasures that you can get for the money in the Crimea, is rather modest: in most hotels do not even have indoor swimming pools.

Those who still decided to spend a vacation on the coast, have drastically reduced the length of stay - from five to seven to three days. Narrowed and the geography of winter recreation. In the past winter resorts and apartments Evpatoria, Feodosia, Kerch, albeit not as active as in the South Coast resorts, but still filled. Now, according to Marina Listopadovoy, most customers are limited to only the Big Yalta, where the milder climate and a more developed infrastructure recreation and entertainment.

Patient will give discounts

While inertia rest does not bother the owners of the Crimean housing dealer. According to Mr Long, in Yalta and Alushta New price (from December 29 to January 7) is twice that in the offseason. For example, if it is off a modest one-bedroom apartment in Yalta you can for 150 USD. per day, the festive fare starts from 300 USD. For this money will offer guests Gostinka with cosmetic repairs and old furniture. More decent housing can be rented is not cheaper 600 UAH. per day. Apartment, claiming to be elite status, exhibited already at $ 120-150.

In Alushta prices are lower by 10-15%: "unity" economy-class real find for 250-280 USD., Housing, middle class - for 550 USD., Elite - for 800 USD. per day. Most owners are trying to build out their apartments for at least three days, and for shorter term makes an extra charge of 20% of the declared value. In addition, they require a pledge of $ 100-300 depending on the apartment, which is returned travelers if they are in the festivities are not spoiled the property.

Still above the appetites of the owners' estates. Say, a modest suburban house type in Yalta for rent on New Year's Eve for $ 250-300 a day, two-storey cottage in Livadia - for $ 700, and villa with swimming pool within the Greater Yalta will cost $ 1,3-1,6 thousand per day.

In Alushta and Partenide prices lower by 15%. Homeowners in the less popular tourist resort towns posgovorchivee. Rent an apartment in Feodosia possible for 200 USD. per day. Luxury housing here would cost around 500 UAH., A cottage with a swimming pool - $ 300. In Evpatoria prices for rented apartments start from 180 USD. At home - from $ 150. It is only 20% more expensive than the standard for off-season rates.

Experts believe that as we approach the New Year holidays loyalty of owners to renters will increase. After this winter, daily rent in the Crimea billed for 10% of the apartments more than usual, since many have not been able to pass their homes for a long time, and some special guests were evicted to make short-term lease. Realizing that risk being left with nothing, the owners will surely be to offer discounts. And by the end of December, the budget apartment in Yalta will cost no more than 200-250 USD.

Burdening booze

Hoteliers also could not resist the temptation to cash in on New Year's holidays. According to Natalia Kononenko, most of Crimean hotels are trying to sell holiday dates 1,5-2 times more expensive than standard costs and 10-20% greater than at a meeting of the year.

Most hotels traditionally offer wholesale numbers. The standard package is designed for three to five days and, in addition to accommodation, includes a banquet, the cost of which varies, depending on the menu and filling program, from 700 to 2 thous. person. For example, in "Yalta-Intourist" festive party will cost 1,2-1,8 thousand UAH. per person, "Bristol" - 1,5 ths.

The club "Matrix" (Hotel Oreanda) ticket for the show costs 200-300 USD. But the table would have to pay 2-3 thousand UAH. (In the menu only includes champagne, fruit, cheese platter and a set of sushi). But all the records broken Hotel Respect Hall Resort (Koreiz), where the Christmas party was estimated at 3.9 ths., Moreover, that the star of the speakers did not promise. The package with the four-day New Year's stay at this hotel will cost 10,9 thousand UAH. for two with accommodation in standard rooms and 55 thousand UAH. - In the VIP-apartments.

Some hotels have decided to expand the list of mandatory events for the guests. In Yalta the House of Writers. Chekhov's New Year's package (from 30 December to 2 January), in addition to the room at 275 USD. person / day and New Year banquet for 750 USD. include ticket to the banquet on Dec. 30 (110 USD). and breakfast on Jan. 1 (180 UAH).. The hotel "Kiev" (Evpatoria) on New Year's package by 2.7 ths. person for three days considered a celebratory banquet, a picnic on the beach on January 1 and a tour of the city.

However, hoteliers saw that potential customers are in no hurry to book tours, relax the conditions. For example, in hotels "Nord" (Partenid), "The Majestic" (Alushta) has allowed daily bookings and do not require payment for the banquet. Not be ruled out that as the holidays go back on their word, and other resorts that do not have SPA-complex or medical databases, which are most popular with visitors.
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