Crimea - the market leader in new construction in Ukraine

07.03.2011 13:22
Real Estate Market Analysis | Crimea - the market leader in new construction in Ukraine Consulting company "RealEkspo" (Kiev) conducted monitoring of new buildings in the suburbs of Ukraine iz19 regionov.Ob, said Director of RealEkspo "Victor Kovalenko, during a business meeting on February 24, devoted to the residential and suburban real estate.

As of February 24, 2011 in the base of the portal, there are 375 commuter new buildings, including 184 new buildings in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea (49%), which took first place in the number of new buildings in Ukraine.
By the number of new buildings, compared with January 2010, there was a 6 new projects that the percentage of growth in 3.37%.

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According to the director of "RealEkspo Victor Kovalenko," as of February 24 of the 184 newly Crimea 40.21% (74 of the object) is located on the territory of Yalta City Council, including the Yalta Gurzuf Simeiz Koreiz, Livadia, Gaspra, Massandra etc .
Second place among the regions of Crimea on the number of new buildings at Sevastopol: 34 buildings.
Third place - in Alushta city council - 23 new buildings, including Alushta, Partenit, Maly Mayak, cypress, and others. "
Picture: Crimea - the market leader in new construction in Ukraine
Of the 184 newly Crimea in 45 construction completed; 125 - new buildings (67.93%) are under construction and sales, only 14 new buildings planned to start construction.

In Crimea, analysts' RealEkspo "noted the following trends:
number of built in 2007-2009 housing, but so far unrealized, of 24% (44 properties) of the total number of new buildings in the region;
predominant type of property, taking into account the specifics are apartment complexes, recreational and elite new buildings near the sea;
Despite the crisis, housing prices in many handed new buildings and those on a high stage of readiness, not very different from the pre-crisis;
developers and builders of the Crimean apartment in no hurry to cut the price, hoping for the return of wealthy investors from neighboring countries;
among developers and builders noticed a lot of companies with Russian roots who invested and invest in the construction of luxury housing in the Crimea.

In the Crimea in 2011, plans to build at least 20 new facilities.

By the number of "frozen" buildings Crimea Kyiv region is catching up: in 13 new buildings construction is suspended.

Average cost of 1 sq ft in new Crimea fell compared with January 2010 to 121 yen (6.65%) and amounts as at 24 February 1700 the dollar.

Minimum price in new Crimean notes at 413 dollars / sq ft in a newly built house on the lane. Tank in Feodosia and reaches a maximum of 10000 dollars / sq ft apartment in elite residential complex "Golden Beach" in Kurpatov Yalta City Council.
Picture: Crimea - the market leader in new construction in Ukraine
Average price of 1 square meter in new buildings of Crimea on 24.02.2011 year starts with 784 dollars in Feodosia City Council (Feodosia, Koktebel, Ordzhonikidze, etc.) The leader of Yalta City Council at an average cost of 1 sq. m in 2364 dollars.
Victor Kovalenko
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